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Work, Snow, Newsletters

… and not in that particular order.

I just started work. I’m now in training to be a secretary/receptionist at a chiropractic office. Sssh, don’t tell my ex. So far things are going well. I was a little stunned that the process was as easy as it seemed. I called about the ad that I saw in the newspaper on a Thursday, was asked to come in on Friday morning to fill out an application, and have a short interview. Really?! Yeah. So, I went in. I felt a little odd because I was going in with my fairly clunky snow boots. I had nice brown pin-striped pants, a black cowel-neck sweater over a spaghetti strap on. The top half couldn’t be seen because everything happened a little quickly and I didn’t take off my coat. My hair was straight (hallelujah!) and I felt pretty confident. I wasn’t going to let myself get to anxious though. I’d been a year and three months since I’d had a job that paid a decent amount and was more than a few hours a week and some semblance of stability.

So, the interview went well. I stayed focused, the doctor asked necessary questions, and I tried not to ramble. I got called back on Saturday afternoon as I was coming home from Columbus. I had gone to Columbus to take the practice GRE, but I had the wrong location and I’d have had to go clear across campus just to take it, and I didn’t have enough time. Fail.

No worries. The doctor had said he’d like to hire me. *blink* *pause* YAY! I went in on Monday and filled out the new hire paperwork and went home. My first day of training would be Wednesday.

Needless to say, my boyfriend is estatic! He’s been carrying a lot of the weight for the past several months, especially since I graduated.

I’ve backed off tutoring. Normally, I was going to the campus 4 days a week. Now I’ve cut back to one day a week. Next quarter, I may offer tutoring on the weekend.  I like tutoring, it’s just this quarter really put a damper on the experience. One problem was the weather, of course. The other problem was I changed my availability from my norm and then tried to go back and ended up with both – whoops!

My new schedule doesn’t allow me to do my Saturday gig either, depending on if I need to be at work. I’m kind of disappointed, but I’d rather have something steady. I enjoy working with the kids, so I’ll do all I can to be there.


I’m tired of the snow. I know you are too. Although, I have to admit, I could see it coming. At least for the past two years, the biggest hits have occurred in March.  It was okay getting to work today, but I dread what tomorrow will be like. I’m going to head into town tomorrow to see my dad. It was his birthday yesterday (now, 2 days ago) and I need to give him his card.

I’ll drop by my grandmother’s too and see her. She suggested a cooking thing where this company will send you some sort of item for cooking. Then, the recipient fills out a survey about the item. It costs $1 a month and Gramma said she’d take care of that if I wanted to participate.

Most likely, it’ll be Howard that’ll be doing the participation. I am so hesitant in the kitchen. I find it mildly traumatic in the process. Luckily, every time has come out well, but I don’t want to give something a try and fail miserably. That’s one thing I realized about myself, and I’m willing to admit. I hesitate to do some things, even fairly simple things. I’m a whiz with many self-sustaining tasks… but I suppose I shouldn’t be admitting.

I know I’m not the only one though.


I’ve been working on a newsletter for my family for the past several months. Thus far, it’s gone fairly well. My request for information went out later than it should have. I was asked to gather births, birthdays, funerals, graduations, engagements, weddings, etc. It’ll all fit on 4 pages, 2 sheets. We’ll be mailing out 125 copies and that postage is going to be fierce.

I had suggested to Gayle that I ask my dad for help. I called him earlier today and asked him about it and he said that he’d flip the bill, not only that, he’d donate it.

Then, I called Gramma. She asked if I had called my dad yesterday on his birthday.

D’oh! 😦

I’d forgotten to put it in my blackberry or on my Outlook calendar. 😦 I sent him a belated e-card as soon as I realized. I suck. I know.


I might fill all this in with pics later. Not sure at this point. I’ve got thousands of pics to go through that could be thrown into my blogs wherever they’d fit, but… alas, the effort is a bit great at 1:00am.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday. Mine will be interesting. March is sooo close.

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A friend of mine, several weeks ago, had a baby. She is now a proud mama to a healthy, bouncing baby boy. Some of you may know who I am talking about with my vague description, but for the sake of privacy, I’ll not say.

Another friend of mine is pregnant. She’s, at home, a few months into it. She ‘poo-poo’ed’ the notion when folks brought it up months before that and her husband thought it was rather humorous too. Then, one day, she sends a ultrasound via text message with the caption, “Oops, =-p”. Oops my foot! Lol!

At least they’re ‘allowed’ to “oops” and have the financial means to support the “oops”.

My dear, sweet – okay, scratch that. My effin’ awesome cousin, she found out she’s prego (not italian or spaghetti) too. She at least found out before New Years. I’m dying to see how this one turns out!! Recently, she said that she felt the baby move – dancing genes from both parents.

So, to all of you who have a bun in the oven, or all who have already given birth to your li’l bundle of projectile barfing joy… Congratulations!

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Yay! I just learned how to make pages! I also learned what to do with pages that you want seen and don’t want seen. I would like to thank!

This will be a great opportunity (even though it’s a small step) for me to expand MP2B’s WordPress, The Scoop’s, and my content!

*happy, happy, joy, joy dance*

Now, it’s 5:00am. I think I should be thinking seriously about sleep.

Good night!

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Good Heads, Bad Heads @ Taj Mahal

Howard and I arrived at Taj Mahal on North High Street in Columbus after a whirlwind of forgetting how to get out there. We travelled down one way and came back to park a block away. I had worn flats with a slight heel. I decided, even before I left home, that was a bad idea. I slipped a little on the snow pile in front of the sidewalk. Howard had trotted on ahead and realized I wasn’t right beside him. “Jenellie, hurry up.” “I’m workin’ on it!” We walked up the steps and into a house transformed into a restaurant.

A server greeted us an asked if we’d like a menu for dinner or just drinks. We decided to take both and the waiter said we could be served at the bar or the dining room. “Whatever’s convenient.”

First, we headed to the lounge to say “hey” to Caleb, Howard’s banjo instructor, who would be performing. Then, we headed back to the bar which seemed crowded. Howard asked if we could be seated in the dining room. The waiter obliged and fixed us a table with a little rose in a small clear vase. Aaaw! I got a cran-apple martini to sweeten the night.

Howard chose a dish that had brown rice, goat meat and various vegetables in it. He also got a type of flatbread that tasted fantastic, even by itself. The bread came with a yogurt and cucumber concoction to dip it in. I got a dish called Shrimp Saag. I was served creamy shrimp and spinach in what looked like an antique bowl. It came with a pleasant tasting side of white rice. After food-gasming during the first couple of scoops, Howard and I shared our extremely tasty meals.

Before Howard and I had been seated, a group of Indian students were seated before us in our destined dining room. During dinner, one student asked one of the owners about the hand drums in the corner with the sound equipment. The man said they belonged to a musician that plays occasionally. The musician was summoned from wherever he was and said the student could play if he wanted to. The young man gleefully took his perch in front of two of the upright hand drums. I swiveled in my seat to watch and Howard leaned over to watch too. The student beat and tapped the drums quite professionally, I must say. The musician asked the student if he plays and the young man said it was a hobby. A hobby!

Hendrix Gin & Tonic

After our delightful dinner, Howard and I headed to the lounge; down a set of stairs to the bar where Howard got a great gin and tonic that he generously shared with me. We sat in the lounge, painted red, contrasting with adjacent orange walls. Above, where the audience sat, music played. The room was separated by open solid, sliding wooden doors. Funky paintings ere dislayed on the walls. Lit candles set the mood. Sounds of cheerful, tangy banjo floated over the happy chatting of Taj Mahal’s patrons. Men and women, classmates too, had gathered to watch a band that, up until recently, I’d only heard about from my boyfriend. Caleb’s a true musician, Howard said, who takes lessons from him on a weekly basis at Martin’s Music in Newark, Ohio.

Caleb Powers, his father, and others make up the band Good Heads, Bad Head. A young woman, whose name I never got, sang and played guitar with the band. A man who reminded me of David Krumholtz played with the band as well. A girl in a salmon colored skirt swished her way to the front room of the lounge. She bounced around merrily, enjoying the music. A couple with Harley Davidson proudly displayed had come to listen to their son play, I think, an upright bass with the band.

I noticed a classmate from high school sitting on the geometric, red vinyl couch across from the geometric, black couch I’d taken a quarter possession of. I looked away because I didn’t want to stare while I tried to figure out if he is who I thought. The classmate spoke with the man beside him; turns out he is Caleb’s father. Turns out the classmate is precisely whom I thought he was, Shawn W. We re-introduced each other after a couple years between random appearances at gas stations and facebook.

A peron that I didn’t quite reconize was standing with Caleb at intermission as I headed back into the lounge from the bar. He had long blond hair, a strategically placed hobo hat, and military-esque jacket covering straight leg jeans. Caleb asked if everything sounded okay and I replied cheerfully that everything was great. I acknowledged the person beside Caleb and went to sit beside Howard. All through the concert, I tried to figure out exactly what I was missing.

Caleb chatted with Hojo during intermission. He told us a story about an ear infection he’d had. The infection made all pitches a quarter-note flat. For a musician, that’s enough to make him go crazy. There’s an ear doctor in town who took care of the problem. Of course I’ve paraphased because the conversation went by too fast.

The videos aren’t the greatest quality, but it gives an idea of what it was like to be there.

After the concert, got to catch up with a few classmates I hadn’t seen in about eight years. It was like my 5 year reunion that I never went to. Turns out the classmate I didn’t quite recognize was a guy that I was in Theatre with in high school. As I recall, he was a great actor. Another classmate was there with his fiancee; they’re expecting fairly soon. We all said our adieus and went our separate ways

Howard and I headed home; we got a little lost in the process, again. We’ve been talking about how cool the night was since then.  We can’t wait for another gig!

Check on Facebook occasionally for concert events for “Good Heads, Bad Heads”. You’ll have a great time at whatever venue they choose. The music is great and the people are really cool.

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Are you a little neurotic? 

I am. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Sure, we have little compulsions and we may feel like no one else has that compulsion. Or at least if there is anyone else that has it, they live on another continent. 

My FINE face

When someone says they’re “fine”, you know what that means, right? 

F: freaked out 

I: insecure 

N: neurotic 

E: emotional 

I got it from The Italian Job, which probably got it from somewhere else.

I freak out about my stuff. It’s stuff I can’t take with me when I die, but it’s my stuff. I am fine when my stuff gets broken, misplaced, or in the case of one particular item, shifted. My skin turns a little pinker, apparently my eyes do something that I don’t intend them to do, and I become insistent upon rehashing the issue after I’ve noticed it. 

I had enough while growing up, but nothing was in excess unless it happened to be stuff my mom picked up on the side of the road. It was a horrible idea for her to get a van, especially since she only had one kid, me. 

The difference between my boyfriend, Howard, and me is that if a toy of his broke, when he was a kid, he’d tend to throw it away. I would have tried to fix whatever it is. If I couldn’t, then I might get a little fine about it. Howard said that considering I didn’t have a lot, I’m more protective of my stuff now. I was protective of my stuff when I was younger too. I’d get bent out of shape; but really, I don’t think I was all that wrong. 

My compulsion

A friend of mine was a li’l, um, inebriated, during a party at my place. I had my laptop and my external hard drive connected. I forget where each thing was sitting, but the hard drive was pulled from its perch as my friend was going to the kitchen. I have a ridiculous amount of information on that hard drive. My ears heated up a little but I tried to shrug it off. Howard pointed out, however, that had it been him who had done that, I would have flipped out. True. I would have gotten fine, specifically, ‘F’ and ‘E’. 

The silverware drawer. I have the long forks, the short forks, the thin spoons (don’t ask), and the thick spoons in their individual places. The soup spoons have their spot too. The boys in the house get ’em all outta place and I get fine. In particular, I get ‘N’. 

The bed sheets. There was a ‘Friends’ like this. Courtney Cox’s character, Monica, was having a hard time explaining to her boyfriend, Tom Selleck (whatever his character name was, I don’t know), that she’s very neurotic about some things. One of them that she splurted out was that the comforter, after Selleck’s character made the bed, was upside-down. The flowers had point toward the head of the bed. That’s understandable, right? 

What freaks you out? What makes you insecure? What gets you neurotic? What do you become emotional about? 

“Yeah, honey. I’m fine.”

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Well, considering all this snow…

I’m rather stuck in the house. I’m stuck in the house unless Howard gets me out. Well, I should actually say that my car is stuck in its current parking spot until it gets shoveled out. With the last snow that has blanketed the great state of Ohio *cough, cough* and its neighbors, I don’t think my car is capable of moving.

I’ve had so much trouble getting in and out of my parking spot on the alley. I’ve had to spin my tires, rock back and forth, strategically move my steering wheel one way and then the other just to get out. No big deal, but I’m wasting gasoline in the process, and I’m definitely burning up something that shouldn’t be burning up. Like my patience.

If I can’t get out of my parking spot tomorrow, this means I will more than likely have to cancel my tutoring sessions tomorrow. I know at least two people will be somewhat disappointed. I mean, I could attempt to get out, but what if I get stuck in the middle of the alley while trying to get out? I don’t know that I’ll be as lucky as I was on Monday when the very nice neighbor helped me get out of the snow bank that resulted from two heavy snows and plowing that doesn’t work to my advantage.

And global warming my butt! We’re freezing up here! We’ve been freezing for a good long while! Now, I don’t know that we are or are not experiencing a devistating shift in the Ozone and all the other factors that go into the argument about it, but this is helping toward a reversal. I think Mother Nature is telling us to quite driving so much! Start working from home, from the internet, and start bartering goods.

No more money. Once all our resources are gone, but all we have left is cold, hard cash, we’ll realize we can’t eat money. We have too much of a token economy going on here. The bills that are printed every year mean nothing. Sure, they’re our livelihood, cloth and paper with the presidents’ names and faces, but we can’t eat ’em and we can’t take them with us. We’re screwing ourselves over.

Back to my original rant. I know other people have it worse. Drivers have gotten stuck in ditches, like Hojo and I did. Drivers have had their vehicles completely crap out on them because the pieces of tin aren’t cut out for this kind of weather, especially for this long. I don’t want to be one of those drivers that has to search for another car with money they don’t have.

Another thought, which stems from a thread on Facebook, is that Newark City Schools is implementing Saturday school because of all this snow. NCS has shut down for literally 7 days. I know I don’t live in that district but I am still affected because I tutor in the district.

Someone on FB is a high school student in the area and a friend of theirs commented that most students will likely skip the Saturday school. So, is Saturday school effective? Noooo. If anything, the high schools should probably implement programs that more closely resemble the internet tools that Ohio State and COTC have. Students these days are completely wired to the net via desktops, laptops, smartphones and God only knows what else. The schools may as well get with the times and put these tools into practice. It might actually save some tax money too. But of course, I am not one to know much of anything about school taxes.

I am about to apply for a couple of jobs in the area. I’m going to have to have Hojo fax one of the applications to the contact person; considering we don’t have a fax machine and I can’t get out of here. I’m not going to say anything more about it yet. I don’t want to jinx the possibility and I don’t want to give any keywords. Every WOman for her/himself!!!

I think I’ll put this post to bed. I hope you all have a good night. I know I’ll be a li’l restless until I know the fax has been sent tomorrow.

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Our term “diva” comes form the Italian root of “divus” if male and “diva”if female. Go figure. It stems back to ancient Roman occultism in which leaders deified predecessors and/or loved ones or lovers.

We humans come up with some interesting stuff.