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Stuck With a Ditch

So, it’s almost 7pm and Howard, my boyfriend and I are very stuck in a ditch.

We decided to go for a ride in his 4WD Jeep. Great fun, right? Of course! Every year it has been. This particular year, we are CURRENTLY stuck in a ditch. Howard was going to turn around on the road. Lo and behold, there is a HUGE ditch to get stuck in, snow and all.

Our ditch
The ditch... LOL. For posterity.

Mind you, I’m not mad at all. A li’l freaked, perhaps. I kind of expected us to get stranded in a ditch. Gut feeling. Hojo and I had a nice early afternoon together anyway, so this makes it even more memorable.

Hojo is standing outside waiting for his parents. He’s embarrassed. His dad, Howard II (a.k.a. Joe, Joe’s dad was Howard I) is more than likely going to make fun of him for a good long time. Hojo’s mom, Sandra, I think, is with Joe. She’ll either keep me company or she’ll participate in getting us out of here. She’s tough like that; she’s a mighty woman. I have a great deal of respect for her.

So – oh, I forgot to mention our Am Staf is with us too. He’s sitting in the back on the floor of the Jeep. Poor li’l guy. He’s starting to get restless.

Sorry the pic isn't clear... he wouldn't stop moving.

And we’re saved at 7:30pm! The calvary has come to yank us out of our formidable ditch! Praise be! I’ll update with pics after I get home. Ssssh! Don’t tell Hojo.

After the incident:

Howard II’s jeep started sounding little funny after yanking Hojo’s jeep out of the snow. Hojo and I followed his parent to make sure they made it safely.

Hojo and I headed home with Churchill. I was so glad I didn’t take Li’l Bit on our excursion. The poor little guy would have had a fit during our 4 hours outdoors. Bit was extremely happy to see us.

Other people were affected by our untimely incident. I tutor folks at a nearby college/university. Campus security announced they’d be closed for the day and Wednesday (which it is now). I had left a voicemail at 9:17am for one of my tutees and offered to look over something if he/she shot it to me via email since all of us were under a Level 2. At 5:00pm, I got a text, which I am fine with, that asked if I could look over something that was due at 6:00pm. Not likely. I was already in the Jeep with Howard (Hojo) heading out to our inevitable doom.  I didn’t have my Super All-Encompassing laptop that can access the internet from brainwaves, so I couldn’t do anything but offer editing advice.

Moral of the story: if you’re headed out in this snow, leave little dogs at home. Also, don’t do a 1 or 2-point turn in the middle of the road, especially when there are tall snow banks on both sides. Do at LEAST a 3-point turn if ya hafta do a U-turn. And don’t do U-turns anywhere that you’re not supposed to; use a driveway.

Easier to see this one. Snow was waist-high.

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