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You Are Lovely, Happy Valentine’s Day

Is this what you want to hear? Who do you want to hear it from? What makes the word “lovely” so… lovely. 

To break down the word “lovely,” and make it a little less lovely, I’ll refer to Thank you Webster. Oh – and you too, Merriam. *blink* 

Lovely is an adjective, dated before the 12th Century. Interestingly enough, before the first entry of “LOVABLE” is the the word “obsolete“. Really?! The second entry is “delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace” with the addition of “ATTRACTIVE“. How’s that for flattery? Oh, M-Dub, how sweet. 

The next entry is “grand” or “swell”.  Um, large and bloated? Let’s skip that one. 

The last entry for “lovely” is “eliciting love by moral or ideal worth”. Now that is something to make a woman’s heart flutter. How glorious to known to elicit love by moral or ideal worth. What does this mean to you? 

To me, this means that what radiates from our souls is something that no one can ever take away from us. Whether we are born with a wondrous sense of internal goodness, self-efficacy, and the appropriate combination of pride and humility, or we are working toward something within that makes us happy with ourselves, we women… are… lovely. 

It breaks my heart to know there are women who do not have this powerful sense of confidence. To be frank, I often lack the confidence to open my eyes in the morning and acknowledge that I have something to do with the events in my world and others’. What helps me through the day are three words that my uncle has repeatedly mentioned to me. He knows I allow confidence to slip through my fingers, and I attempt to blend into the background. 

“Patience, Persistence, & Perserverance”

So, what’s that supposed to mean? I’ve done a lot of thinking on these three words. I’ve heard them from my uncle’s rumbly voice all through my adolescence. Of course, when I was in my teens (not so long ago), I did not put much effort into applying these words and his interpretation of them in my life. Quite honestly, I don’t remember his interpretation. I don’t think that I ‘learn’ well with others’ interpretations, even in school. Instead, creating meaning of these words for myself is the most important thing I can do. 

Patience – to have patience with oneself. Give yourself (and I, I will give myself) enough room to fall, to mess up, and to get messy. Create an environment within yourself that you can live in. Do what it takes to maintain or cause stability in every level of your being. When you are peaceful, your energy will affect others. 

Persistence – to persist in the preservation of your peace of mind. You (and I) must be obstinant in the face of opposition. Push through the muck of messages that have become quicksand and tar. Exhale the poison that you (and I) have held onto for far too many years. 

Perserverance – to steadily persist (continuation of our previous virtue) in a course of action. Once you begin, continue. (I should take my own advice!) A support system of friends, family, colleagues helps break falls, and they’ll lift you up. 

Don’t give up in the face of adversity. We are too special and too important to waste away. 

I also noticed that the word “lovely” is also a noun. The plural form is lovelies. The first entry is “a beautiful woman”. The next is a “lovely object”. You are a lovely woman; you are a lovely object. Remember that on Valentine’s Day. You are worth getting to know. It is also worth it to get to know yourself. Treat yourself to a nice bath. Send the kids to a play date or to their grandparents and break out the bubbly. 

Don’t let this renewed sense of value dwindle away. Treat yourself every now and then the way you would want a significant other to treat you. If you are blessed with someone to treat you like a queen, relish the gift of love. Share it with those whom you treasure too. 

 You are LOVELY!


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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