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Well, considering all this snow…

I’m rather stuck in the house. I’m stuck in the house unless Howard gets me out. Well, I should actually say that my car is stuck in its current parking spot until it gets shoveled out. With the last snow that has blanketed the great state of Ohio *cough, cough* and its neighbors, I don’t think my car is capable of moving.

I’ve had so much trouble getting in and out of my parking spot on the alley. I’ve had to spin my tires, rock back and forth, strategically move my steering wheel one way and then the other just to get out. No big deal, but I’m wasting gasoline in the process, and I’m definitely burning up something that shouldn’t be burning up. Like my patience.

If I can’t get out of my parking spot tomorrow, this means I will more than likely have to cancel my tutoring sessions tomorrow. I know at least two people will be somewhat disappointed. I mean, I could attempt to get out, but what if I get stuck in the middle of the alley while trying to get out? I don’t know that I’ll be as lucky as I was on Monday when the very nice neighbor helped me get out of the snow bank that resulted from two heavy snows and plowing that doesn’t work to my advantage.

And global warming my butt! We’re freezing up here! We’ve been freezing for a good long while! Now, I don’t know that we are or are not experiencing a devistating shift in the Ozone and all the other factors that go into the argument about it, but this is helping toward a reversal. I think Mother Nature is telling us to quite driving so much! Start working from home, from the internet, and start bartering goods.

No more money. Once all our resources are gone, but all we have left is cold, hard cash, we’ll realize we can’t eat money. We have too much of a token economy going on here. The bills that are printed every year mean nothing. Sure, they’re our livelihood, cloth and paper with the presidents’ names and faces, but we can’t eat ’em and we can’t take them with us. We’re screwing ourselves over.

Back to my original rant. I know other people have it worse. Drivers have gotten stuck in ditches, like Hojo and I did. Drivers have had their vehicles completely crap out on them because the pieces of tin aren’t cut out for this kind of weather, especially for this long. I don’t want to be one of those drivers that has to search for another car with money they don’t have.

Another thought, which stems from a thread on Facebook, is that Newark City Schools is implementing Saturday school because of all this snow. NCS has shut down for literally 7 days. I know I don’t live in that district but I am still affected because I tutor in the district.

Someone on FB is a high school student in the area and a friend of theirs commented that most students will likely skip the Saturday school. So, is Saturday school effective? Noooo. If anything, the high schools should probably implement programs that more closely resemble the internet tools that Ohio State and COTC have. Students these days are completely wired to the net via desktops, laptops, smartphones and God only knows what else. The schools may as well get with the times and put these tools into practice. It might actually save some tax money too. But of course, I am not one to know much of anything about school taxes.

I am about to apply for a couple of jobs in the area. I’m going to have to have Hojo fax one of the applications to the contact person; considering we don’t have a fax machine and I can’t get out of here. I’m not going to say anything more about it yet. I don’t want to jinx the possibility and I don’t want to give any keywords. Every WOman for her/himself!!!

I think I’ll put this post to bed. I hope you all have a good night. I know I’ll be a li’l restless until I know the fax has been sent tomorrow.


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