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Are you a little neurotic? 

I am. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Sure, we have little compulsions and we may feel like no one else has that compulsion. Or at least if there is anyone else that has it, they live on another continent. 

My FINE face

When someone says they’re “fine”, you know what that means, right? 

F: freaked out 

I: insecure 

N: neurotic 

E: emotional 

I got it from The Italian Job, which probably got it from somewhere else.

I freak out about my stuff. It’s stuff I can’t take with me when I die, but it’s my stuff. I am fine when my stuff gets broken, misplaced, or in the case of one particular item, shifted. My skin turns a little pinker, apparently my eyes do something that I don’t intend them to do, and I become insistent upon rehashing the issue after I’ve noticed it. 

I had enough while growing up, but nothing was in excess unless it happened to be stuff my mom picked up on the side of the road. It was a horrible idea for her to get a van, especially since she only had one kid, me. 

The difference between my boyfriend, Howard, and me is that if a toy of his broke, when he was a kid, he’d tend to throw it away. I would have tried to fix whatever it is. If I couldn’t, then I might get a little fine about it. Howard said that considering I didn’t have a lot, I’m more protective of my stuff now. I was protective of my stuff when I was younger too. I’d get bent out of shape; but really, I don’t think I was all that wrong. 

My compulsion

A friend of mine was a li’l, um, inebriated, during a party at my place. I had my laptop and my external hard drive connected. I forget where each thing was sitting, but the hard drive was pulled from its perch as my friend was going to the kitchen. I have a ridiculous amount of information on that hard drive. My ears heated up a little but I tried to shrug it off. Howard pointed out, however, that had it been him who had done that, I would have flipped out. True. I would have gotten fine, specifically, ‘F’ and ‘E’. 

The silverware drawer. I have the long forks, the short forks, the thin spoons (don’t ask), and the thick spoons in their individual places. The soup spoons have their spot too. The boys in the house get ’em all outta place and I get fine. In particular, I get ‘N’. 

The bed sheets. There was a ‘Friends’ like this. Courtney Cox’s character, Monica, was having a hard time explaining to her boyfriend, Tom Selleck (whatever his character name was, I don’t know), that she’s very neurotic about some things. One of them that she splurted out was that the comforter, after Selleck’s character made the bed, was upside-down. The flowers had point toward the head of the bed. That’s understandable, right? 

What freaks you out? What makes you insecure? What gets you neurotic? What do you become emotional about? 

“Yeah, honey. I’m fine.”


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