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Work, Snow, Newsletters

… and not in that particular order.

I just started work. I’m now in training to be a secretary/receptionist at a chiropractic office. Sssh, don’t tell my ex. So far things are going well. I was a little stunned that the process was as easy as it seemed. I called about the ad that I saw in the newspaper on a Thursday, was asked to come in on Friday morning to fill out an application, and have a short interview. Really?! Yeah. So, I went in. I felt a little odd because I was going in with my fairly clunky snow boots. I had nice brown pin-striped pants, a black cowel-neck sweater over a spaghetti strap on. The top half couldn’t be seen because everything happened a little quickly and I didn’t take off my coat. My hair was straight (hallelujah!) and I felt pretty confident. I wasn’t going to let myself get to anxious though. I’d been a year and three months since I’d had a job that paid a decent amount and was more than a few hours a week and some semblance of stability.

So, the interview went well. I stayed focused, the doctor asked necessary questions, and I tried not to ramble. I got called back on Saturday afternoon as I was coming home from Columbus. I had gone to Columbus to take the practice GRE, but I had the wrong location and I’d have had to go clear across campus just to take it, and I didn’t have enough time. Fail.

No worries. The doctor had said he’d like to hire me. *blink* *pause* YAY! I went in on Monday and filled out the new hire paperwork and went home. My first day of training would be Wednesday.

Needless to say, my boyfriend is estatic! He’s been carrying a lot of the weight for the past several months, especially since I graduated.

I’ve backed off tutoring. Normally, I was going to the campus 4 days a week. Now I’ve cut back to one day a week. Next quarter, I may offer tutoring on the weekend.  I like tutoring, it’s just this quarter really put a damper on the experience. One problem was the weather, of course. The other problem was I changed my availability from my norm and then tried to go back and ended up with both – whoops!

My new schedule doesn’t allow me to do my Saturday gig either, depending on if I need to be at work. I’m kind of disappointed, but I’d rather have something steady. I enjoy working with the kids, so I’ll do all I can to be there.


I’m tired of the snow. I know you are too. Although, I have to admit, I could see it coming. At least for the past two years, the biggest hits have occurred in March.  It was okay getting to work today, but I dread what tomorrow will be like. I’m going to head into town tomorrow to see my dad. It was his birthday yesterday (now, 2 days ago) and I need to give him his card.

I’ll drop by my grandmother’s too and see her. She suggested a cooking thing where this company will send you some sort of item for cooking. Then, the recipient fills out a survey about the item. It costs $1 a month and Gramma said she’d take care of that if I wanted to participate.

Most likely, it’ll be Howard that’ll be doing the participation. I am so hesitant in the kitchen. I find it mildly traumatic in the process. Luckily, every time has come out well, but I don’t want to give something a try and fail miserably. That’s one thing I realized about myself, and I’m willing to admit. I hesitate to do some things, even fairly simple things. I’m a whiz with many self-sustaining tasks… but I suppose I shouldn’t be admitting.

I know I’m not the only one though.


I’ve been working on a newsletter for my family for the past several months. Thus far, it’s gone fairly well. My request for information went out later than it should have. I was asked to gather births, birthdays, funerals, graduations, engagements, weddings, etc. It’ll all fit on 4 pages, 2 sheets. We’ll be mailing out 125 copies and that postage is going to be fierce.

I had suggested to Gayle that I ask my dad for help. I called him earlier today and asked him about it and he said that he’d flip the bill, not only that, he’d donate it.

Then, I called Gramma. She asked if I had called my dad yesterday on his birthday.

D’oh! 😦

I’d forgotten to put it in my blackberry or on my Outlook calendar. 😦 I sent him a belated e-card as soon as I realized. I suck. I know.


I might fill all this in with pics later. Not sure at this point. I’ve got thousands of pics to go through that could be thrown into my blogs wherever they’d fit, but… alas, the effort is a bit great at 1:00am.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday. Mine will be interesting. March is sooo close.


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