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Adrenal Plus, what is it?

I see that I definitely should post what I said I was going to post. I’ll start with Adrenal Plus, which I have been taking since March 10th. I’ll post about Immuplex here shortly. 🙂 Errrm, it’d help if I get the bottle. There’s 120 tablets in this bottle.

Adrenal Plus, to me, is just like a multi-vitamin. You’ll see why.

On the bottle, right under the name of the supplement is “Adrenal and Spleen Freeze-Dried Glandular Concentrate.” Don’t let this throw you. All the stuff I’ll mention below is what you would see on the bottle and anywhere that would give  these details.  Other manufacturers may include a larger or smaller amount per tablet, serving size, etc. Be sure to read about what you are buying. This manufacturer is PROGENA Professional Forumlations. Price will vary depending on where you purchase.

Adrenal Plus, PROGENA

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: Three (3) tablets. I have been taking three a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Three tablets contain:

Vitamin A (Palmitate), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Thiamin (Vit B1), Riboflavin (Vit B2), Niacinamide, Vit B6 (Pyridoxine HCI), Pantothenic Acid (D-Calcium Pantothenate), Zinc (Aspartate)


Adrenal Tissue & Spleen Tissue


The usual disclaimer.

If you wanna know more, I recommend clicking on the links at the bottom of this post and making an appointment with Dr. Shaffer. 🙂

Remember, these percentages are in THIRDS. The serving size here is THREE tablets.

Anyway, Adrenal Plus is meant to support and boost the Endocrine and Immune System. I have felt much better with the combination of Iodoral (iodine), Adrenal Plus, and Immuplex.

I got my supplements at the office of Right next door is 😉

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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 21

Hi folks, I’m still on track! 😀

What do I do to stay on track? The most annoying part is remembering to take my dose of supplements with me if I am away from home. I haven’t missed a dose which means I’ve gone back home a couple of times. With the supplements I’m taking the best idea would be to have a small pill container with three compartments. One for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Another thought I had is, I bet folks are wondering about what is in the Adrenal Plus and Immuplex supplements. Why are those two necessary? I’ll update about those a little later. It’d be really beneficial for many folks who feel ‘sluggish’ to be assessed this way.

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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 15

My plan is to go to bed here shortly. Of course, the fact that tomorrow is a ‘day off’ adds to my motivation to stay up. However, I did make plans to talk with a State Farm rep, hang out with my gramma, celebrate my mom’s birthday (yesterday) with a drink, and go get coffee with a friend who’s gonna be moving to ‘Bama’ quite shortly.

Laundry? Should probably wash some.

Oh, yeah, the whole point of this post is my supplement regimen, isn’t it? Today, I bumped the dosage up by another 12.5mg. Last night, I couldn’t sleep well. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Iodine or if it’s just my wacked out sleep schedule. Chances are, it’s my wacked out sleep schedule.

My big plan is to continue my effort to re-work said sleep schedule. This should give me more energy and make me less yawn-y. Heh… anyone who knows me knows what I’m thinking.

Check back, I’ll report how things go tomorrow. 🙂

If you have no idea what I’m talking about regarding the Iodine and such, check out this link. Wanna know more about how to get tested to see if your body may require a boost with supplements, check out this other link. For healthy, organic foods in Utica, Ohio, check out this other, other link.

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The Past is the Past

There may be something(s) that folks have done years or even decades previously that the person cannot do anything to reverse the circumstances. Granted, simple conversation may trigger strong emotions, unbeknownst to others. However, if a topic is obviously hard for someone to discuss and one is not in a clinical setting, perhaps it should be dropped. If one hasn’t done it, whatever it is, one probably just doesn’t know everything there is to know about the experience.

Folks may become wary when strangers, acquaintances, or friends approach them with a sensitive topic. I get uncomfortable with some topics, whether pertaining to me or someone else; we all do. Unwittingly, perhaps, the person who is adamant or feels strongly about an issue will not let go of the topic and holds on for dear life trying to persuade. This method is not going to persuade the listener, I betcha. I hear about friends whose character have been attacked because of something that occurred years or decades in their past. Maybe something was brought up and they don’t want to talk about it.

It’s nice to have a friend when a topic just needs to be brought up and to have someone who will actively listen. However, freaking on a person about ‘shoulda, woulda, couldas’ will simply rehash a sensitive topic for a person and re-open a wound. Chances are, the ‘shoulda, woulda, couldas’ have already been said and felt. A conversation is one thing but harping is another animal.

People who have left something in the past should be allowed to leave it in the past. I’d think that if the person who has given the issue to God has truly left it in His hands and won’t pick it back up, they should be allowed to chalk it up to experience. If the person doesn’t believe in God, per se, but has reconciled the issue successfully in a clinical sense, I’d think that’s between them and their heart.

If someone has done something that is against your (not necessarily the reader) beliefs, I encourage praying for them or whatever one choses to do to support fellow human beings. I think the main thing I am getting at is keeping someone in a conversation that they don’t want to be in for very personal reasons is, in my book, emotional abuse.

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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 14

Today is the 14th day that I’ve been on my aforementioned regimen. It’s been interesting. I have felt less ‘cloudy’ upstairs. I took an unexpected nap after I got home today. What a relief!

Amping up the iodine (Iodoral) dosage to 25mg per day may or may not have done something to my usual dysfunctional pattern of sleeping. Sunday night, my brain wouldn’t slow down so I could fall asleep. I think I slept very lightly anyway. The rain started early in the morning and I kept hearing that. My bed is 100% horrible to sleep on, so that didn’t help anything.

I’ve maintained the same dosage of Adrenal Plus and Immuplex. I can’t really say if I’ve noticed anything with that. I think the proof in the pudding will be when I get retested at Dr. Shaffer‘s. I have a printout of my baseline readings. If the three supplements I’m taking are making a difference, it’ll show up on the next printout.

Tomorrow (March 24th), I’m expected to increase my dosage by another 12.5mg. I’ll be taking 37.5mg of Iodoral for a week. After that, I’m expected to increase the dosage by another 12.5mg.

The biggest thing that’ll help at this point is keeping my sleep schedule under control. Over the weekends, I tend to throw myself off. If I can maintain a decent sleep-wake schedule throughout the week, I think I’ll enjoy my workdays and my weekends even more.

My boyfriend said to me the other day, “have you noticed when you get older, staying up late like we used to sucks more and more?” Yessssss, I have noticed, lol.

Okay, now to shut off the lights. G’night/g’morning world!

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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 10

Today was a good day. I woke up a little earlier than I wanted to. Probably, 6am. I couldn’t convince my body to fall back asleep. Serves me right, eh?

I went to work and WOO! It was a fairly busy day. At some point, I totally forgot what one person was charge for and had to back track on the day sheet. It all balanced in the end, yay! I spent some extra time on it because I want the daily process to stick in my head. So far so good.

I think I feel more awake this week than last week. This is a good sign! I still need to drink more water to get excess… anything… out of my system.

I called the Newark Public Library to see if they can get Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It in. My mom wants to read what I had. I showed the iodine pill to my grandmother, who hates taking pills, and she thought it wasn’t too bad. I’m trying to find a way for her to officially ask her doctor about the iodine. Of course, Dr. Shaffer could pretty easily set her up with the test that I did and see what she needs most.

So, I’ll continue with the iodine and see what this week does for me.

If you’re interested in finding out if you need some sort of supplementation and you’re in the Utica area, or somewhere nearby, check out the above link and schedule an appointment.

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I’m Always Green

Today, I realized that I need to wear something green. I had on a cute corded,  creamy yellow top with sewn sequence in strategic places with a brown spaghetti strap underneath. Black pants covered the tops of my brand new really cute brown wedges with a suede knot on the toes.

The piece de resistence: a soft, long green scarf. It was chilly this morning at 8am when I was traveling to work.

I got a break in between shifts so I went home and switched the scarf for a necklace with a large green and yellow pendant. Good enough for me.

I’m proud to say that green is my favorite color too. I’ve got green on my blog, right here. My iPod is green and my laptop is green (same shade). I wish I had a candy apple green car to top it off.

What did you wear for St. Patty’s Day? Did you go out and get some green beer?