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Beware of Ganj A Fahma on Facebook!

Totally not a forward, and completely real. A friend of mine has pics of her baby on Facebook and got a comment from someone she did not know named “Ganj A Fahma.” HE, SHE, or IT is a fake!!!

Beware if you get “Ganj A Fahma” (ganja farmer = weed farmer) for a friend whom you never added who starts leaving random comments about some awesome game that you have to check out or anything else that is irrelevant to you.

Report it FIRST by going to the profile by clicking on the name, go to the bottom of the page, and click the Report/Block link. Then, go back to your pics and delete the comments if they’re still there so no one clicks on the link the faker provides. They’ll get hacked or worse!!!!! Totally a faker, you DID NOT add this person!!!!

Please pass this note onto others.


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