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Mozilla Firefox, Lange, Commenting

I’m experiencing Mozilla Firefox on my own for the first time. I’m kind of in love with it right now. Admittedly, this is just cupid’s arrow, infatuation if you will. I may get sick of it later, but at this point, browsing is a heck of a lot easier and loading pages is so much faster.

Okay, so many of my ‘geeky’ friends were right. However, I noticed that – okay, never mind. I was wrong. I can watch Youtube with Foxfire. Fledgling! I’ll admit it! I don’t know as much as I could, but I’m enjoying the learning process.

I converted a friend to WordPress. I’m kind of thrilled with myself. She’s missing her boyfriend and, I love hearing from her, but I think a lot of what she is talking about would be decent material for a personal blog. We’ll see if she goes for it.

I’ve been watching Jessica Lange flicks. This one is called Francesca or Frances (not paying attention). If I’m not mistaken, the main character has some sort of a mental illness. A 1980s flick, “Sybil” features a young woman who had 16 personalities. I emailed my former undergrad professor and suggested it for Introspect’s psych movie night. Introspect is an undergrad Psychology ‘club’ that all psych students can join regardless of GPA. Psi Chi requires a certain GPA. My prof had seen “Sybil” before and said she’d consider it.

This Frances flick is turning out rather interesting. But I won’t give any spoilers.

Katie Couric (@KatieCouric) posted a page from her “Notebook” regarding thoughtless and anonymous comments regarding Marie Osmond’s son’s suicide. I haven’t read any of the comments, but I bet they’re terrible. People really should have a great deal more respect for those who have lost someone. Just because the mourner is a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t deserve just as much respect as anyone else. Admittedly, I’d hope they would have the option of disregarding that kind of poorly thought-out, random, bottom-of-the-barrel stupidity from haven’t-seen-daylight-for-weeks hermits.

Although people who take the opposite side on an issue just to make waves are useful in the world, there’s a time and a place. Respect should be at the top of the list with regard to comments on anything especially of that sensitive nature, whether the target reads it or not.


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