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Never Know

How is it that we’ll never know all there is to know about being an “adult” or “human”? Someone had learned what we just did 30, 40, even 90 some odd years before we were even in existance. Someone else is learning what we just did tomorrow, tomorrow evening, next month or next year.

A Hojo pic of me

There is a strange continuum of time and space that consists of learning opportunities. Of course, if you can’t tell by now, I’ve been watching Being Erica. It’s an interesting television show about a 32 year old woman who is unavoidably single, lives in an apartment, just got hired as a pithy editor (pithy my foot!), and is going through ‘therapy’.

I feel like her. I feel like I get hit with a hand that is going to flick my head with its middle finger and thumb in position, always. I’m just thankful that those random moments of ‘out of situation’ experiences don’t happen to me. Or maybe I’m not. Would be interesting to get to jump out of a fiasco, through a closet past other people’s coats, and into an office that appears where it shouldn’t. In the midst of all that, write down regrets and get to do it over again.

What would you do over? What would I do-over? I’d do 2006-2007 (up until I met Hojo) over again. Then again, if I changed significant things, would that have changed me meeting him? If not, I’d do it over again right now! Or whenever I’m allowed. Might even take a do-over of 2003. That would be nice. Maybe even my junior year of high school when the new principal came to Newark High. I might insist that the parody of the Newark High alma mater be recorded. I was pretty dang proud of that. I still am.

Knowing what I know now, I think it’d be interesting to go back and tell a few people that I had crushes on them. And of course, knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t want to do anything about it. Just the satisfaction of getting those thoughts out into the universe. I might have even asked one of my friends why he decided to take some paths that he did.

I might even re-do the 2008-2009 school year.

I have a few do-overs floating around in my head. The most significant ones have been floating there for the past year. One do-over that won’t get redone will perhaps crop up in the future. Rehash the mess and get over it. But maybe not. Time will tell.

For now, I’ll go back to reading about Iodine. Random, I know. The chiropractor I work for has a supplement program complementary to the chiropractic care. I’ve been learning a lot the past two weeks.

Oh, got my oil changed at a new auto shop. I didn’t want to switch from my new favorite, but it was highly convenient. I’d be damaging my car if I didn’t do it today. Running around from Newark to Mount Vernon has put a lot of mileage on my car. Luckily, I’ll only be running 20 minutes from home from now on. Given that, a huge shout out goes out to the doctor and his wife!


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