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How Young is Too Young?

I was watching ABC News tonight. I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I was a little thrown off by a headline about condoms for kids. Frankly, if a 5-year old Peruvian girl can have a healthy baby, I say make condoms available for even the rarest of cases.

I’ve read studies about schools that have introduced contraceptives, including birth control to middle schoolers in New England. Parents were either in an uproar or parents were relieved. The parents who were ticked off either had some moral standards to defend or some — very few, I am sure — have something to hide and were using their moral stance as a cover-up. That’s the cynical side of me. The parents who were relieved may have known that their kids weren’t keeping their noses clean, so to speak. The schools stepping up and offering contraceptives may have been the parents’ way out of having to introduce their kids to the stuff that broke for them and nine months later, they had their kid whom they’d have to explain the truths or the sugar-coated, embarrassed as ****, edited version about condoms.

I worked with a woman whose daughter had a crush on a boy who was 3 years older. My co-worker had no idea what she was going to say to her daughter and dreaded the day that any such topic would come up, so to speak. I suggested, “Try watching Look Who’s Talking and all the sequels. Then, after the scenes with the sperm and eggs (all of them), pause the movie and get a sip of something or go get some popcorn, then come back and make an observation about the scene ‘Those look like tadpoles, don’t they?’ and see if you get a reaction.”

They’re family friendly movies for the most part, so why not let John Travolta and Kirstie Alley soften the blow, so to speak. They even introduce the concept of using proper names for various parts of the male and female bodies. May as well allow your kids to giggle like banchies while they’re young and then get used to the idea that those evolving parts have proper names.

In fifth grade, Mrs. Grindrod (sp) had presented sex education to my class. Boys and girls were together, I think for the whole thing. It didn’t get into extensive detail. She gave specific names for all the parts, general function, and allowed us to giggle. I giggled a little longer. I got called out. I stopped. 😀

The functions, of course, would have to be presented in an age appropriate way. Kids caught onto slang so easily in elementary, middle, and high school. It was ridiculous how much the boys were obsessed with their own equipment and couldn’t even say the right names for ’em. It’s not food, it’s not a bell, it’s not a fungus.

This doesn’t link back to anyone. It’ll just give percentages. I’ll answer too. Mine will be the first result, LOL.

Oh, and Cleveland is hiding aliens.


2 thoughts on “How Young is Too Young?

  1. Good blog. I LOVE Look Who’s Talking and learned a lot from those movies. They came out when I was a kid and helped. hehe Gross babies definitely made me believe in abstinence. 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Thank you Robin. Honestly, after all the movies I’ve seen, all the talk shows, I became quite wary myself. My mom and I would have frank talks after each episode, thank goodness. Everything else I found out from friends and eavesdropping.

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