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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 3

Still doing well with taking all the supplements on time.

I got up for work today. This time I had to peel myself out of bed. LOL. I had spent waaaay too long on a correction strip for my family’s (COMAR) newsletter. I shoulda just left it alone, but it was nagging me. I couldn’t get to sleep as quickly as I’d hoped.

I felt okay today though. I know I was running a little slow, but it wouldn’t have been so had I actually gotten my butt to bed.

Lanning's Foods on Rt 13

I got home for break and had the leftover brat and mac N cheese for last night with a small salad. I took the supplements between bites. I stopped at Lanning’s Foods on Route 13 on the way to “downtown” Mt. Vernon. It was the first time I had ever stepped foot in there. I got a bag of baby carrots, carrot strips (which I could have done on my own, but meh), and a cucumber… and something else…. Oh! Tomatos, grape tomatos. When I got home after work, I was ravaged. I made a huge salad. On top of a spring mix, I threw on my chopped up tomatos and cucumbers and sprinkled on the carrots and cheese. For a little extra somethin’, I dropped some Santa Fe tortilla strips, almonds, and cranberries with a Honey Catalina dressing. Mmmmm….

Croutons too… even though Hojo laid claim to those. Muwahahaha!

It occurs to me, now, I shoulda snagged a pic of the salad.

I took all my supplements with my tasty salad.

I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and sleep away the pressure on my head. Looking at computer screens for way too long and unintentionally clenching my teeth has resulted in one heck of a tension headache. I laid on the couch for a while and laid one of my sweaters of my eyes. It helped quite a bit but not enough.

This good weather will be good for walks, especially tomorrow and Sunday. The pups need to get out and I could use the exercise. That’ll help with my sleep issues too. Getting up for work has been great, although I despise mornings.

We’ll see how Day 4 goes. It should be much more relaxing than today, especially since I don’t have to set my alarm. 😀

Piece of advice from a former co-worker who heard it from her chiropractor: given the kind of work ‘we’ do, sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours, it is good to roll up a pillow under your neck and lay on it for about 15 minutes a day. It helps with the curvature, so I was told.


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