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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 7

Today marks the seventh day of my supplement regimen. I’ve taken Adrenal Plus (1 three times a day), Immuplex (2 three times a day), and Iodoral (1 a day, 12.5mg). I’ve felt pretty good. I haven’t experienced anything weird, no ups or downs.

My biggest flaw is not getting the right kind of sleep. I’m used to being a night owl, but that hasn’t been working too well for me. Time to “man-up” and stick to a good schedule!

The more I read about iodine, the better it sounds to take it rather than thyroid, at least in my case. Everyone is different. I’ll be switching up my iodine intake from 1 at breakfast to 1 at breakfast and lunch.

I’ve been trying to convince some folks in my family to get tested, one way or another. They’ve had confirmed hypothyroid issues and after what I’ve read, I’m vying for them to start taking iodine. My grandmother, “Mimi”, had a bit of a scare at the doctor’s in Columbus today. Please “say one” for her. She’s had some sensitivity and cystic breast issues and my mom took her to Columbus to get a mammogram (there are better ways to screen this kind of thing, I just found out today, thank you Dr. Shaffer). I talked to my grandmother afterward and she’s okay. Just another reason for her and my mother to get tested and to start taking iodine!!!! Iodine is stored in several organs and tissues, including the breasts!

I’ll come back periodically to update what I learn about iodine and what my intake of supplements does for me. Please let me know if you’ve ever taken iodine and what it has done for you. Please feel free to ask questions too. If I don’t know, I know who to refer you to.

Here’s some links for ya:

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