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Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, Iodine & Me: Day 14

Today is the 14th day that I’ve been on my aforementioned regimen. It’s been interesting. I have felt less ‘cloudy’ upstairs. I took an unexpected nap after I got home today. What a relief!

Amping up the iodine (Iodoral) dosage to 25mg per day may or may not have done something to my usual dysfunctional pattern of sleeping. Sunday night, my brain wouldn’t slow down so I could fall asleep. I think I slept very lightly anyway. The rain started early in the morning and I kept hearing that. My bed is 100% horrible to sleep on, so that didn’t help anything.

I’ve maintained the same dosage of Adrenal Plus and Immuplex. I can’t really say if I’ve noticed anything with that. I think the proof in the pudding will be when I get retested at Dr. Shaffer‘s. I have a printout of my baseline readings. If the three supplements I’m taking are making a difference, it’ll show up on the next printout.

Tomorrow (March 24th), I’m expected to increase my dosage by another 12.5mg. I’ll be taking 37.5mg of Iodoral for a week. After that, I’m expected to increase the dosage by another 12.5mg.

The biggest thing that’ll help at this point is keeping my sleep schedule under control. Over the weekends, I tend to throw myself off. If I can maintain a decent sleep-wake schedule throughout the week, I think I’ll enjoy my workdays and my weekends even more.

My boyfriend said to me the other day, “have you noticed when you get older, staying up late like we used to sucks more and more?” Yessssss, I have noticed, lol.

Okay, now to shut off the lights. G’night/g’morning world!


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