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Get ’em Before They Get You

The news is a harsh medium for media. Any kind of news, the tabloids, magazines, television, internet, etc. Social networking sites are equally as harsh.

Recently, Jennifer Knapp, a Christian musician who took a 7 year hiatus, came out of the closet. Kudos to her for admitting that she can’t stand dating the opposite sex. I have done a lot of reading, a lot of listening, and a bit of research, and I don’t think that deciding that one is gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual/transgendered, or straight for that matter, is something that anyone who “comes out,”  or doesn’t, takes lightly. At all. Especially someone who is in the public spotlight. I mean really, Ricky Martin decided not to say one way or the other until recently too.

The cultural norm is to be ‘straight’. Simple enough, guys like girls, girls like guys. But what if…? What if that just isn’t you? What is one to do? Live in denial until your deathbed? “To thine own self be true.” Right?… Or have I missed something?

The context of Ms. Knapp’s music could have very well had extremely different meaning for her as opposed to everyone else. Music, not just generic little jingles, is very subjective. Temptation could very well have been to deny a very real part of her being. Denial is just as addictive as anything else.

I would imagine it’s very freeing to express that one loves in a way that not everyone will understand. It’s a very serious realization, just like deciding to become a follower of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Not just the 6-year-old getting baptized, but the teenager or the adult who comes to a fantastic realization that he or she cannot live without and wishes to make a full-of-love display of faith.

There’s only so much you can tell a person who has lived with a straight sexual preference for years. Especially a person who has, in his or her late 20s or later, decided that, for whatever very personal reason, the opposite sex just does not float their boat. What is that person supposed to do? Remain in a self-contained bubble, only to hopefully receive the affections of family members? Family is great and all, but c’mon.

It isn’t Ms. Knapp’s decision to get the media before the media gets her that bugs me. It’s not even Ms. Knapp. It’s fellow Christians. There’s been controversy over whether or not God can change someone who is LGBT to being straight. If you think so, and if you think that God will change Ms. Knapp, the most you can do is pray for her. I’m not saying if this is right or wrong. However, slamming someone for being true to themselves, I don’t see how that’s going to edify someone, especially if they still identify themselves as a believer. She made a decision about whom she feels affection for. She hasn’t announced that she has an infectious disease, is dying, or deliberately ran over someone with her car.

I dunno if this will end up offending anyone, which is part of why I am not linking this to Twitter or Facebook where I’d read “let down” comments. But, I just found it a little disheartening that some people feel so let down by Ms. Knapp’s decision. She’s not turned in her Christian badge. I just don’t think that her coming out should be regarded as the equivalent of a little kid getting caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar. Nor is it to be equated with an addiction/temptation.

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Concaved Dreams

I have a lot of things on my mind. I have decided that two of those things deserve my attention. This is one of them. I can’t sleep well.

I have been sleeping a lot better since I started my job. It’s wonderfully forced me into a better routine and sleep schedule. I’m also more consistent on days off because I still get up at a reasonable time to tutor at the campus. That, however, does not stop my aches and such.

It all started when my mother and grandmother went to a mattress store to browse for beds for my mother. Right off the bat, just because it’s the two of them together, it’s going to be an arduous process. Eventually, they made a purchase. The mattress store delivered a box spring and mattress to my mother’s apartment/house. My mother immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the mattress. Definitely wrong. It was concaved in the center and the stitching was a little sloppy.

This would tell me as a consumer that there is something seriously wrong with the mattress. My mother went back to the mattress store owner and requested that a different one be delivered.

After a total of 5 deliveries (don’t ask), my mother ended up with the same mattress that she had received in the first place. I don’t know if there was a mix up or what, but she should not have ended up with that concaved mattress. Even one of the delivery guys, Nathan Flowers, whom I had gone to school with noticed the faults in the mattress.

My mom became very frustrated with the situation. Like anyone else, she hates having to return things. I hate returning things. It’s just a hassle. So, the box spring and  mattress ended up in my mom’s tiny living room, up against the wall. My mom has since continued to use her previous box spring and mattress.

I moved up to Mount Vernon back in June of 2009. It just turned out to be an extremely convenient situation. I had graduated with my BA in Psychology, my volunteer gig was finished, and I was jobless.

My boyfriend and I attempted to get my queen-sized box spring up the spiral staircase at the house, but there was no possible way. It wouldn’t fit through the upstairs windows either. Taking out the window frames didn’t seem like a wonderful option either.

I opted to take the only other available solution, the full-sized concaved bed that was sitting, unused in my mother’s living room. How bad could it be, right? Horrible. Absolutely the worst bed I have ever slept on. But what can one do when one can’t even pay the rent? It’s not too likely that I’d even be going online to craigslist or something like that, because who the heck knows what you’ll end up getting?! Bed with bugs? No thank you.

So, since June 2009, I have been waking up with my hips and back completely out of whack. I have never had to do that ‘lay down and twist’ to get my back to feel better so often in my life!

The biggest thing that messed me up was falling into the depression that I did right after moving and graduation. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had a ridiculous amount of free time and I slept a good chuck of it away. I attempted a volunteer gig at a local non-profit, but no one got back with me. 😦 (I’ve since attempted that again, but still haven’t gotten any correspondence.)

I really don’t know what to do at this point other than to say, “will someone, anyone, buy this bed?” Or, at least, “will someone, anyone haul this bed away?!” My mom is still paralyzed with inaction; the situation with the owner of the mattress store get blown waaaaay out of proportion by one party or the other. I don’t know which.

I’m miserable.

But, like I said, my new schedule with my new job and taking something to get my immune system back in check and my thyroid and adrenals as well has been nothing less than a God-send. Despite this wonderful circumstance that God has given me, I still wake up with a crick in my neck, and my lower back feels dreadful on many days.

In the meantime, I’ll try to save a little cashola to get a new mattress. The box spring is just fine, but I just can’t bear to sleep on the torture device much longer.

If any of you are wondering what mattress store I’m talking about, email me or find me on Facebook. I don’t want any of you to have to go through this concaved crap that I have.

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Troubled Waters

The little one & the big one

What is it about tirades that makes one want to throw things at walls?  Not important stuff. Just chairs, dishes, and doggies. Just kidding. 😀 I wouldn’t throw my doggies. I couldn’t throw the big one anyway, LOL. And I wouldn’t wanna throw the little one either.

There’s been a lot of nonsense for the past couple weeks  that has left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. What I don’t understand is

My FINE face

where wires are getting crossed. Where are the messages getting short-circuited? “What don’t I get? What are you not understanding too?” There’s never been an easy explanation for anything. Not yet anyway.

I’m not airing dirty laundry here. I’m trying to be deliberately very careful about that. I’m just expressing my distress regarding mixed messages. “I love you, but….” Take out the “but”. Owning up to my part throughout the years is not all that savory. Given the chance, I may understand another point of view. Just don’t beat me over the head with it and I’ll return the favor. I dunno if my thoughts are regarding tolerance, unconditional love, or what, but I’m hoping that’s how I’ll come across from now on. I hope to receive the same. It’s not easy when I’ve come to realize many things that make me feel very sorry for/frustrated with those involved and make trying to understand very difficult.

Now, if I can avoid clenching my teeth, because I’ve been sleeping well the past few nights, then I’ll be okay with greeting the morning. River Road better look out, I’m comin’ for a chai tea latte… with soy.

Listening to “Each Other’s Blessing” – Christopher Williams

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Rockin’ Sydney & Krackaw’s Shoes

Ooooo wow! A friend has found some significance with this song and posted it regarding a friend of his, performed by a different artist, John Fogerty. But for me, “My Toot Toot” by Rockin’ Sydney (1985) strikes a highly sensitive chord. I would have been 2 years old when this show was shot.

I was thrilled to find the video on YouTube about three years ago, give or take. I had never seen the song performed. I showed it to my mom and grandmother. They were in tears.

My grandparents have had a stereo system in the living room for years. My grandpa, “Krackaw”, as we called him (coined by cousin Jennifer), would have me stand on his shoes, maybe from the time this was recorded, and he would dance around with me to this song. Those memories are positively the best and earliest ones I have of him.

Gran Torino came out not terribly long ago. Clint Eastwood’s character is a crotchety old man who doesn’t necessarily hate his Chinese neighbors but finds them to be nuisances. Especially since they were – well, various epitaphs that I’ll not repeat – and he was a Korean War Veteran. My grandpa was one to throw out li’l zingers, most funny, some not. Throughout the movie, (spoiler) Eastwood’s character opens up to his neighbors, and I could see such moving similarities between Eastwood’s character *seriously verklempt here* and my grandpa. My Aunt Lynne, the eldest sibling/daughter even said that she could see Krackaw pulling a stunt like he did at the end – don’t worry, no ending spoiler.

Let’s just say, I couldn’t watch the movie the last time Hojo put it in the DVD player.

R.I.P. – Paul Eugene Lieber, November 28, 2001

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Adrenal Plus, Congaplex, Iodine & Me: Day 26

Congaplex, 2925

Mexicali & Calexico had an earthquake, Nightmare on Elm Street has been remade and will premier April 30th, whyyyy, and Dr. Scott has switched me to something called Congaplex (2925). He says it’s a better formula. I’m game!

The new supplement sounds like a dance through an apartment complex. Random thought, I know.

This supplement contains: Vit A, Vit C, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Anyway, I’m continuing the Adrenal Plus intake, 3 a day, one per meal. I’ll also continue my iodine (Iodoral) intake of 2 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, and 1 with dinner. The Congaplex will take the place of Immuplex, 2 with each meal.

To check out what I was doing before, in previous weeks, click on

Where can you get an adjustment? AtShaffer Chiropractic. Where can you find out more about getting tested? At Shaffer Chiropractic. Where can get great organic foods? At Renetta’s Organic Oasis, right next door.

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World Autism Awareness Day & Sleep

Blue for World Autism Awareness Day, stupid flash...

Last night was completely conducive to falling asleep earlier than I normally do. Maybe about an hour and a half earlier. I passed out in bed and slept all the way til 9 after 7am.

I didn’t hear my alarm.

I woke up and felt faaaantastic! I got my hair cut yesterday, so that helped for the morning boost. I got ready, threw on my blue for “World Autism Awareness Day” and my puzzle piece bracelets. Then, I headed out for work. Yes, supplements too.

I have to say, the right kind of sleep is definitely the key to feeling normal. Getting

Doublin' up!

less sleep leaves me haggard, getting too much sleep… guess what… leave me haggard. 8 hours is definitely the ticket.

If you’re a parent who thinks your child could benefit from the services that My Place To Be provides, check out My Place To Be’s website. My Place To Be (MP2B) is a non-profit organization that serves children and families touched by autism in Licking County. Contact Christa Milner, Director, for more information: (740)398-9642 or

My Place To Be
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Immuplex, what is it?

Specifically, it’s Immuplex 4960. Suggested use is 2 capsules per meal, which I have done daily since March 10th. It’s manufactured by Standard Process Inc.

Immuplex, Standard Process

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 2 capsules / Servings per container: 75 (150 total capsules)

Calories …………….. 4 (meh……)

Vit A,Vit C, Vit E, Vit B6, Folate, Vit B12, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, & Chromium

Now, I don’t know if me posting what the ingredients are is something I shouldn’t be doing. I had the amount per ingredient too, originally and decided against it. The reason being, I can’t find any site, including the Standard Process’ site that states what the ingredients are and the amount per ingredient.

Again, I recommend (if you’re in the area) making an appointment with Dr. Shaffer ( The more you know, hopefully, the better you feel. Heck, I feel better and I wasn’t all that bad off. Admittedly, I was quite the space cadet. Was? Eh, I think it’s just part of my personality. 😀