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World Autism Awareness Day & Sleep

Blue for World Autism Awareness Day, stupid flash...

Last night was completely conducive to falling asleep earlier than I normally do. Maybe about an hour and a half earlier. I passed out in bed and slept all the way til 9 after 7am.

I didn’t hear my alarm.

I woke up and felt faaaantastic! I got my hair cut yesterday, so that helped for the morning boost. I got ready, threw on my blue for “World Autism Awareness Day” and my puzzle piece bracelets. Then, I headed out for work. Yes, supplements too.

I have to say, the right kind of sleep is definitely the key to feeling normal. Getting

Doublin' up!

less sleep leaves me haggard, getting too much sleep… guess what… leave me haggard. 8 hours is definitely the ticket.

If you’re a parent who thinks your child could benefit from the services that My Place To Be provides, check out My Place To Be’s website. My Place To Be (MP2B) is a non-profit organization that serves children and families touched by autism in Licking County. Contact Christa Milner, Director, for more information: (740)398-9642 or

My Place To Be

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