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Adrenal Plus, Congaplex, Iodine & Me: Day 26

Congaplex, 2925

Mexicali & Calexico had an earthquake, Nightmare on Elm Street has been remade and will premier April 30th, whyyyy, and Dr. Scott has switched me to something called Congaplex (2925). He says it’s a better formula. I’m game!

The new supplement sounds like a dance through an apartment complex. Random thought, I know.

This supplement contains: Vit A, Vit C, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Anyway, I’m continuing the Adrenal Plus intake, 3 a day, one per meal. I’ll also continue my iodine (Iodoral) intake of 2 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, and 1 with dinner. The Congaplex will take the place of Immuplex, 2 with each meal.

To check out what I was doing before, in previous weeks, click on

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