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Get ’em Before They Get You

The news is a harsh medium for media. Any kind of news, the tabloids, magazines, television, internet, etc. Social networking sites are equally as harsh.

Recently, Jennifer Knapp, a Christian musician who took a 7 year hiatus, came out of the closet. Kudos to her for admitting that she can’t stand dating the opposite sex. I have done a lot of reading, a lot of listening, and a bit of research, and I don’t think that deciding that one is gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual/transgendered, or straight for that matter, is something that anyone who “comes out,”  or doesn’t, takes lightly. At all. Especially someone who is in the public spotlight. I mean really, Ricky Martin decided not to say one way or the other until recently too.

The cultural norm is to be ‘straight’. Simple enough, guys like girls, girls like guys. But what if…? What if that just isn’t you? What is one to do? Live in denial until your deathbed? “To thine own self be true.” Right?… Or have I missed something?

The context of Ms. Knapp’s music could have very well had extremely different meaning for her as opposed to everyone else. Music, not just generic little jingles, is very subjective. Temptation could very well have been to deny a very real part of her being. Denial is just as addictive as anything else.

I would imagine it’s very freeing to express that one loves in a way that not everyone will understand. It’s a very serious realization, just like deciding to become a follower of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Not just the 6-year-old getting baptized, but the teenager or the adult who comes to a fantastic realization that he or she cannot live without and wishes to make a full-of-love display of faith.

There’s only so much you can tell a person who has lived with a straight sexual preference for years. Especially a person who has, in his or her late 20s or later, decided that, for whatever very personal reason, the opposite sex just does not float their boat. What is that person supposed to do? Remain in a self-contained bubble, only to hopefully receive the affections of family members? Family is great and all, but c’mon.

It isn’t Ms. Knapp’s decision to get the media before the media gets her that bugs me. It’s not even Ms. Knapp. It’s fellow Christians. There’s been controversy over whether or not God can change someone who is LGBT to being straight. If you think so, and if you think that God will change Ms. Knapp, the most you can do is pray for her. I’m not saying if this is right or wrong. However, slamming someone for being true to themselves, I don’t see how that’s going to edify someone, especially if they still identify themselves as a believer. She made a decision about whom she feels affection for. She hasn’t announced that she has an infectious disease, is dying, or deliberately ran over someone with her car.

I dunno if this will end up offending anyone, which is part of why I am not linking this to Twitter or Facebook where I’d read “let down” comments. But, I just found it a little disheartening that some people feel so let down by Ms. Knapp’s decision. She’s not turned in her Christian badge. I just don’t think that her coming out should be regarded as the equivalent of a little kid getting caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar. Nor is it to be equated with an addiction/temptation.


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