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Happy Memorial Day!

I’d like to say “thank you” to a few people in my life who have made a difference by serving in the military at some point in their lives. Here goes:

My Hojo

Howard Joseph Rogers III (my boyfriend), Army Airborne. “Hojo” served in Afghanistan after training at Fort Benning for Airborne school. For a good idea of where that is, watch “We Were Soldiers” and/or read “We Were Soldiers Once, And Young”. Hojo won’t tell me what he was, I think he was an E3 coming out. He’s stubborn like that.

Howard Rogers II (my boyfriend’s dad), Army Airborne. Served in Vietnam and reached E7, Sergeant First Class, but was honorably discharged as an E6, a Staff Sergeant.

David Tibbs at a Memorial Day ceremony

Lieutenant David Tibbs (my uncle), Army Airborne.

My Uncle Dave is the youngest son of my grandmother Tibbs, and most entertaining :-D. My Uncle Dave always quotes famous people. In particular, he quotes his father, my grandfather, Howard Arthur Tibbs. “It’s not what you know, it’s how you write it down.” I always remember Uncle Dave teaching me how to write my first letter to my dad.

This is a small photo of my Uncle in uniform at a local cemetery for a Memorial Day ceremony. I do believe this was my senior year in high school. My high school’s marching band, concert band, and symphonic bandmates marched from Newark High School to this cemetery. Sometime, a reporter/photographer took this photo of my uncle. Take a look, very closely. See what’s in his sunglasses?

My Grandfather, Tuskegee Airman

Most importantly, I would like to thank my grandfather, Howard Arthur Tibbs (1919-1986). His birthday was actually September 24th, but when I was born, as my folks tell me, he changed it to my birthdate, September 23rd.

“Tibbs was drafted into the Army Air Corps in 1943. He became a Tuskegee Airman in the 477th Medium Composite Group (MCG) (Tibbs). Tibbs was a side-gunner on a B-25 Mitchell, a Damage Control Photographer and Developer with the 477th Medium Bombardment Group (Tibbs). Tibbs also was trained to be a Machine Gun Mechanic (Tibbs).” Information from my father, Clark Tibbs, for my last history paper while attending OSU for my undergrad in Psychology.

My grandpa was a graduate of Salem High School in Salem, OH and has been honored by the Salem Historical Society. He was a saxophonist and flautist. He’s played with some of the greats including Duke Ellington. I currently have his Artley flute… which could use a good tune-up. On March 28th, 2008, my grandfather and his comrades were honored with the United States Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.

Heh, I was just looking up more stuff on my grandfather and I found this video on YouTube of my grandmother  Tibbs and her third son Philip Tibbs. There’s one that follows it as well. You can also read about his and his family’s musical history at this site, The Columbus Senior Musician’s Hall of Fame, Inc.

Also, my grandfather, Paul Eugene Lieber was in WWII. He was a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps, he learned to work on aircrafts, and he flew a P-51. The U.S. did not officially have an Air Force yet. I have the most memories with “Krackaw”. My cousin Jennifer called him that when she was little and it stuck. He passed on November 28th, 2001. He live long enough to experience 9/11. I have wonderful memories of him. He was quirky and humorous and always came up with wacky little rhymns that I wish I had written down. He’d sit in his leather chair that was just big enough to fit his boney physique and my li’l cuteness right next to him. We’d watch wrestling because he thought I liked it. I watched it because I thought he liked it. The last movie we watched together was “The Sandlot.” To read more about my memories of Krackaw, check out Rockin’ Sydney & Krackaw’s Shoes.

Though I don’t know a whole lot about my Uncle Bob’s involvement in the military, I do know he was a Medic. That job had to be absolutely invigorating and intense. He saw his comrades face incredible extremes.

My Uncle Scott, as my mom mentioned, served on the Roosevelt Air Craft Carrier in 1970 as a Sailor specializing in Electronics in the tower.

I’m extremely proud of all my family members who have ever served in the United States military. It’s scary to think that at any time, they had put themselves at risk for the sake of keeping those of us at home safe. I wouldn’t have known my boyfriend, Howard III and his dad, Howard Jr. Uncle Bob would have not gotten to experience the wonderful wife and children that he has. I wouldn’t have gotten to learn how to write my first letter with Uncle David. I wouldn’t have had a cute picture of me and Grandpa Tibbs, me with a little baby doll by its foot and he with a pipe in his grinning mouth. I wouldn’t have gotten to dance on Krackaw’s shoes. All these men have been extremely supportive of me.

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Togetherville For Kids & Their Grown-Ups

What in the world in Togetherville? You may ask. Togetherville is a new social networking site that is working with Facebook to help parents raise socially responsible Facebookers. Now, I’m not sure that the articles necessarily say those very specific words, but that’s what it comes right down to. Just don’t quote me on it.

I think it’s a fantastic idea. Kids are always, so I’ve heard, nagging their parents to be allowed to get a Facebook account of their own. Not gonna happen, you may say. However, many of these tech savvy kids who have been playing with old cell phones since yours busted and you got a new one so your kid could play with the old one have already figured out hack codes for heaven only knows what.

Some say nip it in the bud. In other words, get them started with your supervision. Togetherville allows you to sign in with your Facebook and, Mom, Dad, your statuses on Togetherville will be, upon customizing your settings, updated on Facebook. 🙂 I got a cool comment from @Togetherville on Twitter that made note of that.

As for your kids, what goes on Togetherville stays on Togetherville. So I’ve read. Now, some of the apps may be a little juvenile for some of the kids, but c’mon. Look at Farmville for crying out loud. The kids can start on Togetherville at age 6. That’s kindergarten or 1st grade for tons of kids. I think that they’ll feel like one of the ‘big kids’ and you’ll get to watch them have fun!

The idea of parents being on Togetherville too is so that parents can monitor activity. Just be aware of who else is on Togetherville as well. I’m not saying there’s anything to worry about, but as always, be super-sleuths while your kiddos are doodling and chatting.

The news has said on Facebook that there is a group that allegedly makes it easier for pedifiles to check our photos of your kiddos. Freak out! What are you talking about? I don’t know the name of the group, but more than likely one of your friends has re-posted a status about it warning you against joining or ‘liking’ it. It’s more than likely easier than you think. I mean, if we’re relying on the government to notify residents that there are registered sex offenders in the neighborhood, we’re not going to know soon enough.

Keep your oculars peeled. Togetherville sounds like oodles of fun and well-regulated. Check it out for yourself before your kids catch wind of it. That way, *grin and nudge* you’ll be the cool ones for introducing them to something fun & safe.

Don’t forget to check out the privacy settings on Togetherville. There may be default safety, but you may be able to make it just that much more secure. Check out your own Facebook’s privacy settings if you haven’t done so in the past several months. There may be something that you need to update as well. Anything that is on an “Everybody” setting is exposed to the World Wide Web and subject to search engines.

Have fun!!!

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Concensus on the Census

I walked outside behind Hojo with a bowl of cereal in my hand. He said there was someone with the license plate “*****” in the alley. I decided to throw in asterisks instead of the real thing for the person’s protection. ‘Cause I’m thoughtful like that. We both thought it was really weird that someone would park in an alley that several vehicles pass up and down.

A woman walked into view past the fence and asked if we were the residents. I said yes. She said she is a census taker and needed to speak to the head of the household. Hojo passed the friggin’ baton to me and went in the house. Thanks.

D’oh! I forgot to mail it.

Merrily, I ran back in the house and handed her the one I’d filled out. She said she still had to ask the questions, the same ones I’d filled out as part of her job. Bummer! Oh, and before I forget, she said if the questions were not answered, the resident could be fined $100 per question. Really?!

Before she started asking the questions, I said to her, “is that your vehicle in the alley?”

“Yes, it is.” Smiling.

“I really don’t think that it’s legal for you to park in the alley like that, several vehicles pass up and down here all day.”

“Oh well, I honked when I parked.”

:-O What kind of response is that? Anyone who would have seen her parked there trying to get out of the alley would have been royally torked and wouldn’t have cared if she had honked when she’d parked. I politely answered all the questions and she went on her merry way. She actually honked on the way out of the alley.

Hojo was going out to his jeep to, uh, do something that I can’t remember. He stomped his way back in the house and showed me a “notice of visitation” that the census lady had apparently taped to his windshield. There’s 2-sided tape that is on the top and bottom of the back of the notices. “I’m gonna have to take a scraper to it.”

I went out to my car to take a look if there was one on mine too. There was. I raised the paper a little and the 2-sided tape stuck to the windshield, not coming off. I dug my fingernail under the tape and both pieces came off fairly easily for me. Hojo’s was a little less careful with his perhaps.

I saw on the notice that the lady had written her personal cell phone number as a contact and the number for the main office. I called the main office to ask if it was against protocol to put the notices on peoples’ vehicles. The first person I talked to transferred me to someone and that person thanked me for calling in and said that the notices are STRICTLY for doors. She said she’d inform the census taker’s supervisor.

So, I’m kind of wondering why the census taker didn’t bother to try the back door. There’s a fence that surrounds the yard, but neither of the dogs were out and the fence wasn’t locked at the time. She really didn’t have any excuse for not taking the proper steps to see if someone was home.

So, if you happen to get a census notice on your car, it’s not supposed to go there. FYI.

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20-something vs. 30- no 40!

So, I noticed a friend has “20-something” on her facebook page as a description of her age.

Heck, if we’re still in our 20s, shout it out loud! Get specific!

I mean, people made 30 the new 20 in 2004 with 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner (@DenisonU alumna). That was 6 years ago! Now, with the coming of Sex & The City and Cougar Town, 40 is the new 20. Is it because of the botox? Truly, the ladies look fabulous (the ones who don’t look plastic but aren’t sagging).

I have friends who are a bit spastic because they’ve gained another year. Early 20s, no big deal (hindsight is, guess what, 20/20). 21, whoop-dee-do! Ya get to drink like you’ve been drinking since late middle school!

Mind you, anyone who can actually say that and it is true… I pity you.

I’m 26 and will turn 27 on September 23rd. I can honestly say I felt a little stressed out about my last birthday. It was less that I was turning 26 than I was turning 26 without the ritual of getting a bit schnockered with some friends. I’ve fallen off their radar for various reasons. I was also seriously bumming because I was post-surgery at the time. I’d had an infection of sorts and it had to be dealt with properly the second time. I was loopy, I was recovering, and I was no fun. *sigh*

I’d have forgotten it was my birthday if it weren’t for the flowers my Hojo brought to me and all the phone calls. 🙂

I swear to BOB, my next one will blow all the others outta the water! (For a reality check, please see my previous post titled: Procrasti-Nation.)

Either way, I am just hoping that when I am 40, my grandmothers’ fantastic genes are still running with all pistons. They’re both still such spit-fires!

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Links sur la Page

Hey all,

There are navigational links all over my blog. Be sure to check out my blogroll too. I’m getting around to adding a couple more links. If you would like to be included (your blog, website, etc), lemme know and I’ll consider adding you to the line-up. 😀


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Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.  ~Don Marquis

Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.  ~Robert Benchley

The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.  ~Author Unknown

So what is it that I was supposed to be doing today? I need to send out an invitation for an open meeting for family members. I should be printing the address labels for said invitations. I should be gettin’ my butt into a Master’s program. I should be paying the bills that I wracked up because of any number of reasons.

So, what should you be doing right now?

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Adrenal Plus, Congaplex, Iodine & Me: Day 61

Or at least I think it’s day 61.

I started working for a chiropractor in late February when we still had all the snow powdery nonsense making it difficult for me to want to get up in the morning. And yet… it actually did happen. Soon thereafter, in early March this year, I tried out the Biomeridian testing that the doctor has in addition to his chiropractic practice. I was pretty excited because I had already seen a few patients go in and be tested.

Iodoral, manufactured for Optimox Corp

I didn’t know what the machine was really about. Turns out, it’s completely noninvasive. It measures the energy meridians through various tested points on the hands and feet. Kind of seems like reflexology. There are points on the hands and feet which link to all the organs in your body. I would think it would make sense that your extremities would give some sort of reading in a way that I don’t fully comprehend.

Part of the other reason I was excited was because I had been feeling very sluggish for at least since June. In June, I moved from Newark to Mt. Vernon (the biggest move away from my hometown to date). I had also graduated with a bachelor degree in Psychology. I had also realized that my issues with a troublesome bartholin gland had decided to once again haunt me. The successful and permanent surgery by a gynecologist who actually knows what he’s doing occurred in September. Now, let’s just hope the other gland doesn’t decide to flare up. Ever.

Adrenal Plus, PROGENA

I had also acquired a really crappy bed from my mom that she had somehow managed to purchase from the owner of a mattress store who has ‘a reputation’ that she apparently was not aware of. The bed sat in my mother’s tiny living room for months until I had to take it because I couldn’t get my queen-size box spring up the spiral staircase of my new dwelling. The reason the mattress is crappy is because it’s severely concaved in the center. I’m working on earning enough cashola to replace the stinker and give the stinker back to my mom so she can properly deal with the situation.

So this mattress has been screwing with my sleep. I can’t get comfortable. I wake up grumpy, achy, stiff, etc. I’d been avoiding going to bed for as long as humanly possible so I won’t have to lay there wishing I had something really STRONG to knock me out. Like a sledgehammer. However, I generally avoid sleep aids.

Congaplex, 2925

Anywho, I was looking forward to some sort of a natural way to get me on track. I knew the new schedule would do me right. I also wanted some way to ‘pick me up’. Turns out the iodine (Iodoral) and Adrenal Plus have helped kick my arse into gear. The Congaplex is supposed to support my immune system. My immune system had to tackle a misguided I&D in March 2009 and the successful surgery I mentioned earlier. The latter surgery required antibiotics just before and after going under the knife.

The next thing I need to accomplish is getting rid of the crapola mattress. One place I shan’t be going to is located in shopping strip with the China Buffet, Joanne Fabrics, and I think Movie Gallery. You do the math.

Despite the occasional late nighter and a horrible bed, I have been feeling a lot better with the help of the supplements. *sigh of relief* Although, today I was outside for perhaps too long planting trees in the yard with Hojo.

Looking at bed websites makes me envious.