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I Wanna Be an Avatar


May contain spoilers.

I watched Avatar today for the first time. It was extremely moving! It reminded me of District 9 and Wall-E.

The message I got was that humans have the means to cause great destruction (which has occurred for centuries) and just because ‘we’ can doesn’t mean we should. Especially when it affects the lives of others who have known peace and harmony with nature before the presence of those who think they know better and/or are greedy.

It’s not a new message. We saw the same message with Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. The viewer saw the Spaniards at the end of the film and we all know what happened. We know, at least, when we are told in college. High school history books seem to want to omit that information. They forget to mention the dehumanization that occurs. “They’re not like us.”

I had noticed a facebook friend said he enjoyed the movie but he was disappointed that it was so liberal. I don’t think a message about harmony with the only planet that we have is liberal. I don’t think that a message about not harming others is liberal. Another said something about “new age”. It’s a fictional world with fictional beings who just so happen to represent a ‘race’ of beings who are seen as inferior and have tapped into the natural world, a world with which they have an amazing synaptic connection. One of trust with the creatures and all the elements.

Hojo said he watched it last night while I was passed out in bed. He said the movie provoked tears out of him which is not easy to do!!! I watched it this afternoon with Hojo and Cai. I cried and soaked up my sleeves before Hojo got some tissues for me. So much of the movie made me feel repulsed by all that surrounds me. What isn’t surrounding me is precisely what should. Nature and simplicity. My heart ached for the indigenous people who are my ancestors, both of Native North America and Africa.

And so what if the ‘hero’ was a white dude. He was an average joe ‘jarhead’ who was sent out to learn about the natives in order to destroy them and he came back with a greater understanding of what it means to commune with nature. To live peacefully. Destroying and killing is not a way to live.

Admittedly, no matter how much I would whimsically like to discard my electronics, my vehicle, the things that separate me from communion with nature and God that makes biological sense… I’m restless, and addicted to social media and my vehicle, et cetera. The age of social media, gadgets, and the pill-popping Generation Blah.

I vow to appreciate what I feel and see that I am blessed with. Sunsets, thunderstorms, and the life in blooming flowers and trees. I vow to be better about recycling… Hojo’s been a great influence with that. It’s RIDICULOUS the amount of recyclables that one person generates!

Whatever your religious views are, God exists in the wind, trees, animals, stars, the sun and moon. That’s what I have experienced and what I have heard from church for years. That is our greatest tangible connection. The spiritual connection is the most powerful, but nature is a second by second reminder of the power that exists. We oughtn’t destroy our reminders of this wondrous love and presence.

No wonder James Cameron won so many awards. Rightfully so.


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