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Adrenal Plus, Congaplex, Iodine & Me: Day 61

Or at least I think it’s day 61.

I started working for a chiropractor in late February when we still had all the snow powdery nonsense making it difficult for me to want to get up in the morning. And yet… it actually did happen. Soon thereafter, in early March this year, I tried out the Biomeridian testing that the doctor has in addition to his chiropractic practice. I was pretty excited because I had already seen a few patients go in and be tested.

Iodoral, manufactured for Optimox Corp

I didn’t know what the machine was really about. Turns out, it’s completely noninvasive. It measures the energy meridians through various tested points on the hands and feet. Kind of seems like reflexology. There are points on the hands and feet which link to all the organs in your body. I would think it would make sense that your extremities would give some sort of reading in a way that I don’t fully comprehend.

Part of the other reason I was excited was because I had been feeling very sluggish for at least since June. In June, I moved from Newark to Mt. Vernon (the biggest move away from my hometown to date). I had also graduated with a bachelor degree in Psychology. I had also realized that my issues with a troublesome bartholin gland had decided to once again haunt me. The successful and permanent surgery by a gynecologist who actually knows what he’s doing occurred in September. Now, let’s just hope the other gland doesn’t decide to flare up. Ever.

Adrenal Plus, PROGENA

I had also acquired a really crappy bed from my mom that she had somehow managed to purchase from the owner of a mattress store who has ‘a reputation’ that she apparently was not aware of. The bed sat in my mother’s tiny living room for months until I had to take it because I couldn’t get my queen-size box spring up the spiral staircase of my new dwelling. The reason the mattress is crappy is because it’s severely concaved in the center. I’m working on earning enough cashola to replace the stinker and give the stinker back to my mom so she can properly deal with the situation.

So this mattress has been screwing with my sleep. I can’t get comfortable. I wake up grumpy, achy, stiff, etc. I’d been avoiding going to bed for as long as humanly possible so I won’t have to lay there wishing I had something really STRONG to knock me out. Like a sledgehammer. However, I generally avoid sleep aids.

Congaplex, 2925

Anywho, I was looking forward to some sort of a natural way to get me on track. I knew the new schedule would do me right. I also wanted some way to ‘pick me up’. Turns out the iodine (Iodoral) and Adrenal Plus have helped kick my arse into gear. The Congaplex is supposed to support my immune system. My immune system had to tackle a misguided I&D in March 2009 and the successful surgery I mentioned earlier. The latter surgery required antibiotics just before and after going under the knife.

The next thing I need to accomplish is getting rid of the crapola mattress. One place I shan’t be going to is located in shopping strip with the China Buffet, Joanne Fabrics, and I think Movie Gallery. You do the math.

Despite the occasional late nighter and a horrible bed, I have been feeling a lot better with the help of the supplements. *sigh of relief* Although, today I was outside for perhaps too long planting trees in the yard with Hojo.

Looking at bed websites makes me envious.


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