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20-something vs. 30- no 40!

So, I noticed a friend has “20-something” on her facebook page as a description of her age.

Heck, if we’re still in our 20s, shout it out loud! Get specific!

I mean, people made 30 the new 20 in 2004 with 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner (@DenisonU alumna). That was 6 years ago! Now, with the coming of Sex & The City and Cougar Town, 40 is the new 20. Is it because of the botox? Truly, the ladies look fabulous (the ones who don’t look plastic but aren’t sagging).

I have friends who are a bit spastic because they’ve gained another year. Early 20s, no big deal (hindsight is, guess what, 20/20). 21, whoop-dee-do! Ya get to drink like you’ve been drinking since late middle school!

Mind you, anyone who can actually say that and it is true… I pity you.

I’m 26 and will turn 27 on September 23rd. I can honestly say I felt a little stressed out about my last birthday. It was less that I was turning 26 than I was turning 26 without the ritual of getting a bit schnockered with some friends. I’ve fallen off their radar for various reasons. I was also seriously bumming because I was post-surgery at the time. I’d had an infection of sorts and it had to be dealt with properly the second time. I was loopy, I was recovering, and I was no fun. *sigh*

I’d have forgotten it was my birthday if it weren’t for the flowers my Hojo brought to me and all the phone calls. 🙂

I swear to BOB, my next one will blow all the others outta the water! (For a reality check, please see my previous post titled: Procrasti-Nation.)

Either way, I am just hoping that when I am 40, my grandmothers’ fantastic genes are still running with all pistons. They’re both still such spit-fires!


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