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Togetherville For Kids & Their Grown-Ups

What in the world in Togetherville? You may ask. Togetherville is a new social networking site that is working with Facebook to help parents raise socially responsible Facebookers. Now, I’m not sure that the articles necessarily say those very specific words, but that’s what it comes right down to. Just don’t quote me on it.

I think it’s a fantastic idea. Kids are always, so I’ve heard, nagging their parents to be allowed to get a Facebook account of their own. Not gonna happen, you may say. However, many of these tech savvy kids who have been playing with old cell phones since yours busted and you got a new one so your kid could play with the old one have already figured out hack codes for heaven only knows what.

Some say nip it in the bud. In other words, get them started with your supervision. Togetherville allows you to sign in with your Facebook and, Mom, Dad, your statuses on Togetherville will be, upon customizing your settings, updated on Facebook. šŸ™‚ I got a cool comment from @Togetherville on Twitter that made note of that.

As for your kids, what goes on Togetherville stays on Togetherville. So I’ve read. Now, some of the apps may be a little juvenile for some of the kids, but c’mon. Look at Farmville for crying out loud. The kids can start on Togetherville at age 6. That’s kindergarten or 1st grade for tons of kids. I think that they’ll feel like one of the ‘big kids’ and you’ll get to watch them have fun!

The idea of parents being on Togetherville too is so that parents can monitor activity. Just be aware of who else is on Togetherville as well. I’m not saying there’s anything to worry about, but as always, be super-sleuths while your kiddos are doodling and chatting.

The news has said on Facebook that there is a group that allegedly makes it easier for pedifiles to check our photos of your kiddos. Freak out! What are you talking about? I don’t know the name of the group, but more than likely one of your friends has re-posted a status about it warning you against joining or ‘liking’ it. It’s more than likely easier than you think. I mean, if we’re relying on the government to notify residents that there are registered sex offenders in the neighborhood, we’re not going to know soon enough.

Keep your oculars peeled. Togetherville sounds like oodles of fun and well-regulated. Check it out for yourself before your kids catch wind of it. That way, *grin and nudge* you’ll be the cool ones for introducing them to something fun & safe.

Don’t forget to check out the privacy settings on Togetherville. There may be default safety, but you may be able to make it just that much more secure. Check out your own Facebook’s privacy settings if you haven’t done so in the past several months. There may be something that you need to update as well. Anything that is on an “Everybody” setting is exposed to the World Wide Web and subject to search engines.

Have fun!!!


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