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Left Out…

Not that it’s a big deal and not that there haven’t been other misunderstandings, but I’m feeling a little left out.

I joined a committee with my family’s organization. They gave me a specific role with the core group. However, a project that my uncle and I were going to be ahead of was discussed without me being involved. My uncle was notified and it was said that family members and the core group had discussed the matter and they wanted to go with someone professional.

I’m supposed to be part of that core group too, but no one ever even informed me of speculation of a change. It doesn’t matter, I’m just a newbie, but those of us who are new need to be involved so we don’t feel left out and like we don’t have any say in something even that minute. Especially for something that is a volunteer basis, for the family, and kinda already cliquish.

I recall a family member, IN ALL CAPS, ripping another family member a new one (a newbie to the group) because he’d only sent 6 precisely written and edited letters to philanthropic companies requesting sponsorship. She had stated that she had 16 times that number of contacts ready and available to be hit up. Okay? So where are they? There were conversations about it, but there was no mention of such entities. This family member almost hung up his hat after getting chewed a new one, but another family member convinced him that, despite this relatively common egocentrism, it’s worth it for the future generations to keep going.

Whatever! Onward and upward!


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