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Adrenal Plus, Iodine, & Me: 3 months & 1 day

I’ve been on a supplement regimen for the past three months. So far so good. <–  I say that a lot.

Due to  my own sleep habits and a suck-tastic bed, I still wake up a bit fatigued, but I have a better start to the day than I did for at least the past year. I’ll be tested again on Monday, so I may have an update after the weekend.

One of the searches that showed up on my WordPress (it’ll tell you what someone searched for that connected them to your blog, WOO!) was “Will Immuplex help me if I am tired?

First of all, I’ll reference back to my first assessment with the BioMeridian thing-a-ma-bobber. The doctor had me fill out a ‘subjective complaint’ form. I circled all the things that did affect me and left the ones that didn’t blank.

Given that I was often cold (extremities, being hands and feet), I was irritable, tired, and generally felt like my head was in the clouds, that was the first clue that I have something going on. Also, I had taken Raw Thyroid when I was in 9th grade and my cloudy-head was cleared right up. I wasn’t as cold, and I stopped falling asleep in class. Yes, 9th grade. I was 15 years old when I started taking Raw Thyroid. Sluggishness of this sort can happen to anyone, even MEN!

The assessment pointed out that my Adrenals and Immune System needed a boost; they are/were overworked. That’s what can make a person so tired is if certain systems are working too hard. You may be ‘healthy’, but anything that is overly taxed will require extra help. My immune system needs(ed) help because I’d just had two surgeries, 6 months apart. Those are another rant in and of themselves. I started taking Immuplex and switched to Congaplex upon recommendation.

Because my adrenals  the doctor recommended Adrenal Plus (for the endocrine system too) and Iodoral (iodine & iodide). Iodoral is a supplement which cleanses the system of halides and other toxins. It also is the building block for proper thyroid production and gland function.It’s normally found in refined salt (iodized salt), but so many people are cutting down on table salt, that they’re not getting enough iodine. Solution: Iodoral, or something like it, but only if your body needs it. And follow the directions.

My point is, if you’re perpetually tired, get an official assessment with a BioMeridian assessment. You can check out what the machine looks like by googling it. If you’re in the Central Ohio area and want to schedule an appointment, click here: You’ll find the phone number on the site.

This can be a relatively easy solution. Don’t wait. 🙂

I almost forgot to mention, I’m no longer taking the Congaplex for my immune system. Guess I’m doin’ pretty well!


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