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My Opinion of Chris Brown

Chris Brown apparently performed astoundingly for the BET Awards. Someone said that he’s Michael Jackson reincarnated. Somehow people have forgotten about the Rihanna situation or they’ve dismissed it as though Mr. Brown has paid his dues. Someone said, “throw no more shade”. I’m not hatin’. I’m just saying that I will NEVER put my money toward his music.

I’m not, nor can I, be like everyone else and forget that he pummelled Rihanna’s face. That changes a person, permanently. Mr. Brown is getting on with his career. Rihanna is well, but it was her face, her pain, and her make-up that hid the bruises and scars. Now, Mr. Brown has supposedly redeemed himself because he can moonwalk.

I participated in a program called Expect Respect. The program is geared toward high school students. Via Power Point, we describe healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as the three types of abuse: physical, sexual, and emotional. Just as I was presenting the program on my own for the first time, the reports about Chris Brown and Rihanna were going out over the airwaves. In fact, I had just listened to the radio on the way to one of the schools with news reports going crazy.

The students in the class had heard all about the incident. Their reactions were: “No way, I’d never let that happen to me.” “I’d dump his @$$.” “He’s a jerk.” So on, and so forth. Unfortunately, statistics are not in many of those guys’ and girls’ favor.

Many of them will put up with the unhealthy relationships that Expect Respect, other programs, and people have warned them about. Several young men and women will end up being victims and abusers. Hopefully though, they will be more apt to remove themselves from unhealthy relationships. And hopefully those who are or will be abusers will recognize the danger of their actions and seek help.

So no. I will not forget the photographs of the injured Rihanna. I will not praise Chris Brown for his “talent”. I have not purchased anything of Chris Brown’s, nor will I ever.


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