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Theme Songs…

I think everyone has a theme song for the day, overall, or an ongoing soundtrack. It happens whether you know it or not. A friend, Michelle Brooks, had posted a status:

“wants to know; if your life had a sound track, what song would have been playing so far today?”

My response was, at that moment:

“‘Drive’ by Incubus. Yup, most definitely. It plays on my iPod just when I think I’m on the verge of a breakdown. Every time.”

It seems life gives us songs that are meant to lift us up, help us empathize or sympathize, lament with us, or make a party just that much better.

Today, my songs had to have been:

“Good Mornin'” (1952) music by Nacio Herb Brown; lyrics by Arthur Freed; featured on “Singin’ In the Rain with Gene Kelly (as Don Lockwood), Debbie Reynolds (as Kathy Selden),  Donald O’Connor (as Cosmo Brown) and Jean Hagen (as Linda Lamont, screech!) – because I couldn’t sleep until the wee hours of the morning. It was horribly stinkin’ hot in the house and we hadn’t turned on the AC yet evening though it was excruciatingly hot with high humidity (just like it was all day).

“Working for the Weekend” (1981) by Loverboy on their 2nd album, Get Lucky. I went to work today for a couple of hours. I think of this song too when I get a call from my dad because he’s always… workin’ for the weekend.

“Too Darn Hot” (1948) by Cole Porter, sung by Ella Fitzgerald, the lady with perfect pitch. I found my CD of Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter classics just before my family reunion earlier this month. I was so stoked. This song is completely appropriate for this weird, sweltering hot weather that wouldn’t be so bad if I had a pool in the back yard. I was supposed to go with some friends of mine to Dawes Arboretum today… but I bailed out because of a major lack of moo-lah and… well, I was about to just jump back in the shower and crank the cold water.

“Drive” by Incubus. It hit the top of the modern rock back charts by March 3, 2001 (jeez, that was a minute ago). The lyrics hit home whenever I feel a li’l beyond stressed out. I found out that I had missed my student loan payment due date. 😦 EEEEK! Given that I’d only gotten perhaps 3 or 4 hours of sleep the night previously, my hairpins were making their way out of my hair claw.

“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” by Bon Jovi, 4th single off the 1992 album, Keep The Faith. Let’s just say, I was feeling a little dead for at least 2 1/2 hours.

“Fast Car” (1988) by Tracy Chapman. My family has been dealing with an interesting things. My family is finally coming to an agreement that things need to get taken care of, regarding my grandmother. She’s a tad older, and could really use the unconditional care of her family these days. She’s a freakin’ spitfire, but things take this spunky “should be in her 50s for how lively she is” woman for a loop once in a while. That song however, evolves into, “Young At Heart” (1953) music by Johnny Richards, lyrics by Carolyn Leigh. She’s always been young, laughed young, loved young.

“Two Pina Coladas” (1998) released by Garth Brooks on his album Sevens. I broke out the ice shaver tonight.

So… I shall leave ya’ll with that. What have your theme songs been today?

*Most information was found on Wikipedia.

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Zsa Zsa…

Not that I’m up on entertainment news or anything, but the former Mrs. Green Acres has broken a hip.

She’s at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California according to The nonagenerian had reached to answer the telephone last night and had fallen out of bed. Her, technically, 8th husband, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, called 911.

Gabor’s publicist, John Blanchette, said of her, “She has an active mind. She’s very bright. She’s funny. She always makes me laugh whenever I talk to her.” (

I’ve always admired the woman (errrmm, since the Green Acres rerun days). She’s gorgeous and obviously has very good genes, despite a broken hip at the age of 93.

To read more about Zsa Zsa Gabor, check out IMDB or Wiki.

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Adrenal Plus, Iodine & Me: 4 months

Iodoral, manufactured for Optimox Corp

It’s been a little over 4 months since I started the original regimen of Adrenal Plus, Immuplex, and Iodoral. After a short while, the Immuplex was switched for Congaplex which would consist of a different mix of immune system boosting substances. A month or so ago, the immune system boosting was done.

I think I might need a little more vitamin C though, been having a sore throat off and on.

Anyway, I noticed something really significant. I’d slacked a little with my supplements. *cringe* I know my employer, and supplier of said supplements reads some of these. Even slacking as little as I did, I noticed a HUUUUUUGE difference in my overall mood. I’d mentioned a “head in the clouds” feeling before I’d started the supplements, and it was kind of back to haunt me.

Adrenal Plus, PROGENA

Now, I admit. I’m a bit of a flake. Unfortunately, that’s a snow-flake. I’m so pale. Anyway, I have my moments which could be misinterpreted as moments of a particular hair color. But this is REAL!

My family members on my mother’s side have thyroid ‘issues’. I dunno what else to call them because only one out of the 4 immediate female family members, aside from myself, sticks to their prescribed or recommended supplements. When I was in, perhaps, 9th grade, my mother went to an immunologist that took ‘the card’. The immunologist analyzed both our blood samples (taken from our earlobes with a sterile pin prick) by microscope and pointed out the excesses in our blood.

The immunologist then recommended a thyroid supplement. I don’t remember which kind the first one was, but the one that was effective was “Raw Thyroid”. I was taking it consistently (maybe) and in 9th grade my teachers said I was much more alert. Voila!

Now, I’m much less thrilled with the thyroid I’d taken for reasons that are probably just as fickle as my memory. I am thrilled to know, however, that my body does in fact need this Iodoral and Adrenal Plus.

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Sex Ed, too soon?

NBC4 had posted an article on Facebook regarding a board meeting in Helena, Montana, Loud and Clear. It’s about a debate on whether the city should begin a health curriculum which will teach many helpful things about health in general, but there’s more. But first, I’m feeling a Youtube moment:

Granted, this li’l guy’s dad is a gynecologist. But if he can say that in the middle of a kindergarten class, other kids can too. Especially if they’ve seen this movie. They don’t really know what it means for a boy or a girl to have those parts. But it’s facts.

What about the scene in “Look Who’s Talking Too” when Mollie is giving Julie a bath and Mikey asks why his little sister doesn’t have the same parts. Mikey was barely in preschool when he’s asking. Mollie, calmly, goes through a list various famous people, I think from a magazine, and asks if they would have one or the other. Mikey exuberantly exclaims which each of those famous people would have. Easy, right? Little Mikey doesn’t need to know why he or she would have what they do. Not yet.

NBC4i had said:

A town in Montana is in an uproar about a plan to begin “sex education” in kindergarten. Kindergarteners would be taught proper anatomical terms, first graders would learn sexual relations could happen between same sex couples, and fifth graders would learn the various ways people can have intercourse. What do you think? Are these topics too mature for these age groups, or should it be taught early?

My comment on the thread was as follows:

It’s a little… okay, very early. But, think about it. If a little girl in 1939 at the age of ***5 years old*** (BEFORE KINDERGARTEN), in Peru is capable of becoming pregnant against her will…. I think children should AT LEAST know the proper names for body parts. Look it up on if you think it’s fake. Children after all, are frequently victims of sexually related crimes and frankly, I think that children should know the proper names so that there’s no time wasted in trying to decipher kid-code. My mom wasn’t taught about the proper birds and bees and she went through HELL. My mom DID teach me, and I am 26, a college grad, straight, no children (I am NOT irresponsibly populating the earth), and I’m just fine with that.

The part in bold and italics is what was shown on NBC News… yes, ON TV! Woo hoo! I wish I had seen it. My friend told me about it on Facebook earlier today.

Just to clarify, the reason why I said “I am NOT irresponsibly populating the earth” is because I recognize, and I have for a long time, that I have no business having children. I have some inkling of what it would take, but I don’t have a full grasp, and I won’t until it happens. I don’t have the finances for it, I have not obtained the Ph.D that I want, and a load of other things that disqualify me from parenthood at this point in my life. And the reason I said I’m “straight” is, well, because I am. No other reason.

Well, did you have a sex ed class? You may ask. I experienced a sex ed class in 5th grade at John Clem Elementary. For part of it, the boys and girls were in the class room together and another part, boys and girls were separated. There was lots of giggling. Thank you Mrs. Grindrod. I think there was another sex ed class in middle school, but I don’t remember it. And in 9th grade, Mr. Quackenbush, the NHS coach taught a health class and had to show us slides of various infectious STDs as well as end results of removal or treatment procedures. The slides scared the living snot out of me. For some odd reason, it did not deter many of my classmates from doin’ what they do, and/or getting pregnant. There was even a speaker one year, a young woman, who, I think presented a similar program, but added that abstinence was the way to go. The phrase I remember is: “No ringy, no dingy.” If there’s an entire program and classroom dedicated to teenage parents on campus… I think there’s still a PROBLEM. I’m grateful for the ‘education’ that I received. I’m STD/STI-free, never been pregnant, and I don’t regret it.

So, what do you think? Would you pull your children out of the school district if they decided to start teaching a comprehensive sex ed program? Do you think it should be the parents’ responsibility and schools should butt-out? Do you wish your school had had that kind of program when you were in school?

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Thank you,

I meant to say “ew”. I know there are highly inconvenient times in which our bodies, in particular our faces, convulse and our noses twitch and itch… and then, we get a look that we hope never, EVER ends up in a photo.

‘Course, none of our sneezes, otherwise known as sternutations, could possibly look this graceful (right). And nope, we don’t have a hanky available either. I mean look at her, she’s got her hair all finely coiffed and hanky prepared (guaranteed, this is actually from a commercial for Kleenex).

The worst part is, you can’t sneeze with your eyes open. Folklore says that if you do try to keep your eyes open during a sneeze, they’ll pop out. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about the subject on (you’re welcome) regarding sneezing and eyes popping out.

Clicky, clicky.

The most, potentially, dangerous time to test this theory is while driving. It never fails. I get in the car and I’ve already rolled down the windows, set up my iPod and I pull out into the alley…….. and generally something like to the left will happen to me. The squinty face. I’ll try to provoke the sneeze along, but nothing works. Then, when I least expect it, and I’m facing toward the sun. WHAMO! Not the toy company, the nearly mind-blowing experience of sneezing.

35-40 mph, 15-20 feet of spray,

I’ll let you all picture the “ew” of the “ACH-EW”. Let’s say you’re driving along, and you don’t have any handkerchiefs nearby; in fact, you’re not even thinking about needing such a thing. And you get one of those looks depicted to the left, but this one ends up resulting in something from Ghostbusters. How do you get rid of the sudden moment of bodily function surprise? Perhaps, in the case of driving, especially if you’re by yourself, and if you have the mindfulness, the sneeze’ll end up in the crook of your elbow (like my grandma taught me). At least then, it won’t get on anyone or anything else. If not, you’ll end up with something similar to this, to the right, on your windshield and your steering wheel.  Hopefully there’s some wipes nearby, and ventilation. Preferably a hepafilter if you put a pretty penny into your vehicle. Sickie.

The above and to the left, fantastically humorous picture (with the caption “clicky, click”) needs to be credited to I hope you enjoy it just as much as I am.

Here’s a list of my favorite responses to sneezes: “Bless you” or “God bless you”; “Gezondheid” (Dutch for “good health”); “You’re so good looking!” (thank you Seinfeld). Interestingly, in China, Vietnam, and Japan, it is believe that if you sneeze, someone is talking about you. According to my ever-so reliable source, Wiki, one sneeze means someone has said something good about you, two means someone’s talkin’ smack, and three means someone is in love with you… or you’re catching a cold. Heck of a tell-tale sign.

What’s your favorite way of saying “I hope your brain didn’t fall out”?

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Chris Brown Tribute to Michael Jackson… I cried.

Yeah. I did. I admit it. I had a heck of a hard time holding back the tears.

CB has somethin’ goin’ on there with the dancing. He does. I won’t deny that, but…

…Charlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro) STARTED IT!