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Don’t McDo It! (Spastic): Part 1

Oh, my. I’ve been reading through a PDF of the Nutrition List from McDonald’s and the ingredients are RIDICULOUS!

Just to give a li’l highly of the worst SUGAR offenders:

All the shakes, including the Triple Thick ones and the McCafe Shakes are in the 100s of grams of sugar.

In comparison, the Fruit N Walnut Salad (snack size), which contains 26g of sugar and the fruit and granola parfait (21g) that I was about to trash on seem like next to nothing. However, the containers are smaller….

The worst burgers to get are anything CRISPY or ANGUS! That, and any of the secret saucy or flavor enhancing substances. “All beef” or not, there’s around 11 to 13g of sugar! You don’t even wanna know the sodium content (I may get into that with another blog… who knows).

Given that the worst burgers to get are the ones that are crispy or angus, guess which salads are the worst to get! That’s RIGHT! The crispy chicken salads! Get it grilled if you’re gonna get it!

I know you don’t wanna hear this, and I hate typing, but the most offending condiments are the barbecue sauces. I know. My eyes are watering too. Oh, oh, OH! And the Spicy Buffalo Sauce is the worst of them all. It contains 800mg of sodium! A healthy adult’s sodium intake shouldn’t be any more than 1,500mg per day!

I think I should mention now that we’re at the end of my shock and awe campaign…. all of the items that I’d mentioned have AT LEAST 100% the amount of sodium in milligrams as they do in sugars in grams! That’s disgusting, disturbing, and downright naaaasty! I haven’t had anything from McDonald’s in MONTHS! The last time I did get anything, I got a fish sandwich which I used to like at one point. It left the most awful taste in my mouth and feeling in my gut afterward. Needless to say, it was a waste of money… quite quickly too. TMI.

Okay, my rant is done for now. I’m going to do an sequel to this that is a li’l less spastic. For now, this is good enough for my spasm of writing that was influenced by one of my gazillion facebook statuses. I may even get into fast food alternatives. Partially for the sake of myself…. I used to be such a fast foodie. I wasn’t as bad about it as I could have been. I usually went for small items, and items that seemed like they contained less junk in comparison to the rest of the menu items. But still, *gag*.

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Family Reunion Quote

Thank you Tyler Perry….

Family reunions are about uniting the family, bringing together the young and old. Singing and dancing and thanking God, giving Him the glory. Thanking Him for getting us over. As we marched up the road this afternoon, what we saw were young men gambling, fighting, cussing. Women with no clothes on gyrating all over on this land.

Do you see this shack. The man and woman we were born here gave birth to this generation. They were slaves. They worked this ground, but they bought it from the widow of the slave owner and that’s the kind of blood we have running though our veins. That’s the stock we are made of. What happened to us. What happened to us. Who are you. Do you know who you are? What happened to the pride and the dignity and the love and respect that we had for one another? Where did it go?

And how, how do we get it back? I’ma tell you…

Young black men, take your place. We need you. Your sons and daughters need you. Did you understand what I just said? You were sold off and had no choice, yes, but now it’s time to stay. Take your place. Now. Starting now. Starting now. Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips. You are beautiful, strong, powerful. I want more from you. Take your place.

I want every single one of you, young man, young woman, turn to the next person standing alongside of you. Grab them and hug them and tell them that you love ’em. Tell them, ‘If you need anything, come to me.’ ‘If you need somebody to talk to, come to me.’ ‘I’ll give you the shoulder, I’ll give you the hug. I’ll feed you, I’ll clothe you if you need it.”

That’s how you start from this moment. When you leave this reunion today, you take that with you.

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Anti-Theme Songs…

This is the evil twin post of Theme Songsthat I had posted a li’l while ago. The idea behind this one is the fact that I couldn’t listen to certain songs after a break up. I can’t listen to some genres of music after certain events. LOL. Just the style gets under my skin.

Back in 2006, I dated a guy to whom I had attached “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. I couldn’t listen to it on my own for about a year or so (but I love it again). The guy was a wonderful, but per usual, and as I had expected to happen, my family took certain events out of context, made mountains out of literally nothing, and he flew the coup. Thankfully, my relationship with my wonderful Hojo is fully my own and not influenced in the least by anyone else. What a freakin’ breath of fresh air!

After a relationship/friendship faded out in 2007, I couldn’t listen to Blue October’s “Hate Me”. It was an interesting time that made me realize that I was attributing too much of my happiness on the confirmation of received love. He and I had felt an extreme need to rescue each other of our dysfunctional loneliness. If I am loved, yipee and hooray! But if I am not, dang it, it’s time to move on.

I can’t listen to Jazz music (particularly 103.5 FM) after family reunions or any other event that involves listening to jazz music in the car. It’s like sensory overload in the process of wherever we’re going to and coming back. As soon as I’m in my car, I hook up my iPod and avoid jazz at all costs. No matter who performed it. It’ll usually take me about a week to recover. It used to take me longer. I’ve never said anything because well, I don’t think it’s appropriate to question the taste of those who are older than me who happen to be family members.

However, on the way to the latest reunion, I was pleasantly surprised with XM/Sirius Satellite radio in the rental car (a Toyota Camry). Thank the Lord and hallelujah! I got to exhibit some of my own taste with the company of my uncle and grandmother. What’s funny though, I adore big band and old standards and we listened to it quite a bit after I fiddled with the dial. That is the influence of both my sets of grandparents. My uncle tuned into some oldies stations which totally rocked (Classic Vinyl, I think it was).

So what music makes your skin crawl/do you avoid? Is there a particular song or artist? Or even a specific genre?

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Digging your Thyroid a Grave

Grave's Disease, bulging eyes

A friend of mine, whom I knew well some years ago, had mentioned that her doctor diagnosed her with Grave’s Disease and hyperthyroidism. Of course, I flipped out because I remember how tired she frequently was back when I used to hang out with her. I had mentioned thyroid issues to her before, back in the day. In fact, I think my mom had mentioned it as well. I’m afraid she’s been diagnosed with the opposite condition of what she really has.

Of course, Grave’s Disease does have to do with hyperthyroidism and, most notably, the bulging of the eyes. Also involved is unusual weight loss, itchy & gritty feeling in the eyes, heart palpitations, enlarged thyroid gland, frequent bowel movements or diarrhea (opposite of hypothyroidism), tremors, etc. Yes, fatigue is involved but that is because the body is overworking itself trying to figure out what to do with all the thyroid hormone being produced.

Hypothyroidism is the opposite. With hypothyroidism, a person is going to feel listless, tired, “head in the clouds”, irritable, anxious, unusual weight gain, constipation (opposite of hyperthyroidism) and, in general, not want to get outta bed in the morning. Sometimes, it can be mistaken as having problems with blood sugar (which is what I had sometimes mistaken it as).

The treatment for Grave’s Disease is Radioactive Iodine. The word RADIOACTIVE automatically has red flags all over it for me. That’s nuclear stuff. It’s stuff that destroys matter. Now, I had a heyday on her page attempting to make sure that she doesn’t go the radioactive route (I’m SORRY!!!). She doesn’t even want to go that route anyway (very SMART), but my brain forced my fingers to use CAPS and beg and plead that she not do that before she exhausts other options.

Earlier today, I asked the doctor I work for about the situation. He said that my friend has other options, some of which are available through him, that she could exhaust before going that route. It’s less expensive, doesn’t require her to be away from everyone for a week (like with Radioactive Iodine), and it’s not invasive.

After work, I called my uncle who is a retired doctor. I asked him about her diagnosis versus what I knew of her back in the day. My uncle assured me if it is Grave’s Disease, Radioactive Iodine is the way to go.  It’ll only destroy the organ that needs iodine which is the thyroid gland. He said however, based on what I told him over the phone about my friend, that he would strongly question how her doctor came to his/her conclusion. My uncle also recommended that my friend get a second opinion before she goes that route.

With that said, it is my sincere hope that my friend gets a second opinion. Perhaps this is none of my business. I could very well be wrong (despite my uncle who is a respected, retired doctor confirming my suspicions), and posting this could inspire some ramifications. But she has a good head on her shoulders. She’s got a wonderful, caring heart and wants to do what’s right for herself and her family. All I can do is hope and pray she is successful in finding the best solution for her symptoms.

Interesting websites: Shaffer Chiropractic, Grave’s Disease CureGrave’s Disease Information