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Anti-Theme Songs…

This is the evil twin post of Theme Songsthat I had posted a li’l while ago. The idea behind this one is the fact that I couldn’t listen to certain songs after a break up. I can’t listen to some genres of music after certain events. LOL. Just the style gets under my skin.

Back in 2006, I dated a guy to whom I had attached “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. I couldn’t listen to it on my own for about a year or so (but I love it again). The guy was a wonderful, but per usual, and as I had expected to happen, my family took certain events out of context, made mountains out of literally nothing, and he flew the coup. Thankfully, my relationship with my wonderful Hojo is fully my own and not influenced in the least by anyone else. What a freakin’ breath of fresh air!

After a relationship/friendship faded out in 2007, I couldn’t listen to Blue October’s “Hate Me”. It was an interesting time that made me realize that I was attributing too much of my happiness on the confirmation of received love. He and I had felt an extreme need to rescue each other of our dysfunctional loneliness. If I am loved, yipee and hooray! But if I am not, dang it, it’s time to move on.

I can’t listen to Jazz music (particularly 103.5 FM) after family reunions or any other event that involves listening to jazz music in the car. It’s like sensory overload in the process of wherever we’re going to and coming back. As soon as I’m in my car, I hook up my iPod and avoid jazz at all costs. No matter who performed it. It’ll usually take me about a week to recover. It used to take me longer. I’ve never said anything because well, I don’t think it’s appropriate to question the taste of those who are older than me who happen to be family members.

However, on the way to the latest reunion, I was pleasantly surprised with XM/Sirius Satellite radio in the rental car (a Toyota Camry). Thank the Lord and hallelujah! I got to exhibit some of my own taste with the company of my uncle and grandmother. What’s funny though, I adore big band and old standards and we listened to it quite a bit after I fiddled with the dial. That is the influence of both my sets of grandparents. My uncle tuned into some oldies stations which totally rocked (Classic Vinyl, I think it was).

So what music makes your skin crawl/do you avoid? Is there a particular song or artist? Or even a specific genre?


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