Don’t McDo It! (Spastic): Part 1

Posted on August 21, 2010


Oh, my. I’ve been reading through a PDF of the Nutrition List from McDonald’s and the ingredients are RIDICULOUS!

Just to give a li’l highly of the worst SUGAR offenders:

All the shakes, including the Triple Thick ones and the McCafe Shakes are in the 100s of grams of sugar.

In comparison, the Fruit N Walnut Salad (snack size), which contains 26g of sugar and the fruit and granola parfait (21g) that I was about to trash on seem like next to nothing. However, the containers are smaller….

The worst burgers to get are anything CRISPY or ANGUS! That, and any of the secret saucy or flavor enhancing substances. “All beef” or not, there’s around 11 to 13g of sugar! You don’t even wanna know the sodium content (I may get into that with another blog… who knows).

Given that the worst burgers to get are the ones that are crispy or angus, guess which salads are the worst to get! That’s RIGHT! The crispy chicken salads! Get it grilled if you’re gonna get it!

I know you don’t wanna hear this, and I hate typing, but the most offending condiments are the barbecue sauces. I know. My eyes are watering too. Oh, oh, OH! And the Spicy Buffalo Sauce is the worst of them all. It contains 800mg of sodium! A healthy adult’s sodium intake shouldn’t be any more than 1,500mg per day!

I think I should mention now that we’re at the end of my shock and awe campaign…. all of the items that I’d mentioned have AT LEAST 100% the amount of sodium in milligrams as they do in sugars in grams! That’s disgusting, disturbing, and downright naaaasty! I haven’t had anything from McDonald’s in MONTHS! The last time I did get anything, I got a fish sandwich which I used to like at one point. It left the most awful taste in my mouth and feeling in my gut afterward. Needless to say, it was a waste of money… quite quickly too. TMI.

Okay, my rant is done for now. I’m going to do an sequel to this that is a li’l less spastic. For now, this is good enough for my spasm of writing that was influenced by one of my gazillion facebook statuses. I may even get into fast food alternatives. Partially for the sake of myself…. I used to be such a fast foodie. I wasn’t as bad about it as I could have been. I usually went for small items, and items that seemed like they contained less junk in comparison to the rest of the menu items. But still, *gag*.

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