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First Stab At Crocheting

I’ve taken my ‘first stab’ at crocheting and seriously making something. I made myself a wrap. WOO HOO!

I gotta tell you though. The abbreviations for the patterns really take some getting used to.

ch = chain
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
tc = triple crochet
fpdc = front post double crochet
bpdc = back post double crochet
tied off = at the last stitch, cut several inches for a tail, then pull the last loop through and tighten
weave = weaving the tail from anywhere on the project into somewhere of the body of the project with a yard needle

Single crochet, at turns, require 1 chain up at ends. HDC require 2 chains up and skip a loop. DC require 3 chains up and skip 2 loops, TC require 4 chains up and skip 3 loops. Whhhhaaaattt??!!

etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, it took a total of 150 rows and I don’t remember how many days because I did little bits at a time.

It says to use 3 skeins of 256 “Carrot” colored yarn. I used Hunter Green,  1 1/2 skeins and 3/4 skein of some other brown/orange/green/red yarn that I can’t find the label to.

6.5mm crochet hook

Stitch 43. Rows 1-3 are consistent patterns of HDC. Then, 14 sts of HDC followed by 2 fpdc, 2 hdc, 2 fpdc, 2 hdc, 2 fpdc, 2 hdc, 2 fpdc, 2 hdc, followed by another 14 sts of hdc. Continue until row 20.

Split for Sections
At row 21, for the split sections, work 18 HDC, then turn and stitch back and continue until row 35. Fasten off at the end.

Center Section
Start the center section with start new yarn beginning at ST 17 on Row 21, continue HDC until 10 STs have been completed. Continue until row 35. Fasten off.

Third Side Section
Start new yarn beginning at 25 on Row 21 and work HDCs until end of row 21. Continue until row 35. I tried to always end with a row that had the FPDC in it. Don’t fasten off.

Join Sections
It’s best to HDC all the way across without the FPDC in row 36. You can continue row 37 with the 14 HDC, alternating FPDC, and 14 HDC in the same pattern until row 149.

Single crochet evenly spaced around all edges. Fasten off and then weave in ends.

The finish product is in the picture. 🙂

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I wanna know YOU today…

I loved all the old songs from my youth group days. I miss the environment, the kids, the adults that acted like kids (in a good way), the music, the Spirit.

“I got a Savior and he’s living in me… whoa-oh
I wanna know, I wanna know you today
You are the best thing that has happened to me
And the world will never take, the world will never take you away.”
~ Hillsong United

Those songs were my meditation. I could trance out and just feel completely WHOLE.

Things change. I haven’t been back to a real church service on a regular basis for probably 3 years. I haven’t been back to my home church for probably a year. The last service I went to was the first service they had for their experimental 6-month session. It was a good service, but it brought back a flood of some things that I wasn’t too thrilled with.

The biggest thing that struck the wrong cord and it nagged the crap outta me was the phrase “no complaining, no complaining about how loud the music is.”

My mother has very unusual hearing issues. Perhaps not all that unusual, but subjectively, it seems out of sorts. She has complained for years about the volume levels at all the churches we have ever attended. Granted, they have been extraordinarily loud at some places and they flagrantly disregarded all complaints. However, I do have to put it out there: if you’re not within a decibel range that is acceptable for a concert in a hall that IS NOT the Vet’s Memorial… I think it’s within your capability to listen to the complaints of those who TRULY want to be in the midst of what they love rather than shoo-ing them away or placating them with false reassurances.

The last service was loud. I was in the very back – granted that probably wasn’t the best spot. I used to sit up toward the front with all my friends. Heh, my friends. I rarely keep up with anyone who isn’t in the Houghton’s bible study that recurs every so often. And vice versa.

I truly appreciate the host family, their daughter and son-in-law too. They just had a cute li’l baby. I’ve seen pics and those estrogen-laden feelings of “awwwwww” creep out of my mouth. Heh, it’s not that sweet of a remark to make about a brand new baby that’s absolutely adorable… but it’s how my mind works.

Anyway, back to appreciating. The bible studies are what has kept me centered these days. It’s not so much the people or the environment, no matter how great they/it are/is. It’s that I know THEY know me, and I don’t feel suppressed by loud music, thousands of people, or myself.

Wow. How’s that for honesty?

Repeat chorus.

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Thank you for the inspiration... get yours today!

First of all, I didn’t know *smh* meant “shake my head” until someone Twitter explained it to me. I thought it was something more derogatory, cuz that’s where my brain went. Back in the day before everyone knew what LOL meant, I had folks, left and right, thinking it meant “lots of love”. Or “lots of loving” for the IM stalkers. Ick.

Anyway, my point is, there are codes for everything these days. Unfortunately, it leaves many of us wondering, WTF? I’m not going to explain what that one means. You’ll have to google that one if you don’t know. However, I have in mind a less offensive word for the F. So there.

Codes, however, are no excuse for the clandestine typos made by various distributors of important information. That’s why they have editors, right? Or did the editors get the pink slip?

I have a few examples of my own *smh* moments from just today. The first one is from the caption of a photograph of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol (17). The caption reads:

“A view of Chocolate Hills of Bohol island in central Philippines. The entire island, a popular toursit desitnation, llost electrical power on Friday after a snake reportedly climbed onto a power transmission line, causing it to short out.” (AFP/File/Jay Directo)

This one is really bad in my opinion. Granted, it’s just Yahoo news… but, what’s the original source? I’m too lazy to find out.

The next one is of Christchurch, New Zealand (18) aprés the earthquake. The caption reads:

“A building shows earthquake damage on the outskirts of Christchurch on September 7. A notorious New Zealand student event, the “Undie 500″, has been cancelled following the Christchurch earthquake with organisers instead set to join clean-up efforts, reports said Friday.” (AFP/File/Greg Wood)

Undie 500?!?!?!

The next is about Zebra Crossings in Moscow (34).

“People participate in an event staged by traffic police to raise road safety awareness amongst school children in Moscow. The event, featuring horses painted with zebra markings was staged to encourage children to use zebra crossings.” (AFP/Alexey Sazonov)

Technically, “amongst” is outdated. The most simplified “among” is proper according to Merriam Webster and the AP Stylebook. Yes, I have the latest one.  Speaking of AP Stylebook, “e-mail,” and not “email” is proper. My cousin and I had a couple emails about that one. Whoops! E-mails. I explained to her that it’s technically with the hyphen, but most folks use it without for convenience. Everyone knows it either way.

The very last typo rant I have for now is about the false tsunami alarm in Bangkok. The very last quote says:

“I want to apologies to the people. I understand they were angry because the alarm sent everyone running but no one should be replaced, it’s not that serious,” he said.

Now, if the person actually said “apologies”,  that’s one thing, but if he didn’t and the reporter typed “apologies” instead of “apologize”… there’s a problemo.

What drives you up a tree when you see it?




Oh, I was just waiting for a good (term used loosely) one from a rather reputable source. let this one slip through too. This article was linked to from the

This one is about workers at a church’s workers slipping melatonin to kids. Man, and the worst part is she cares for her son who has autism. Granted, from what I have observed, some children with autism require a sleep aid of some sort. There’s something with the chemicals in their bodies that has not-so-great timing. It appears the offender was not informed enough about the possible side-effects of melatonin and the appropriate age range.

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Remembering 9/11…

The tragic events of 9/11 occurred early in the morning. I was at school with, give or take, 2,500 students at Newark High School. The first plane crashed during my first class of the day.

Soon, my classmates and I switched to home room (formerly called AA… I dunno who dreamed up that one during a cocktail). Mr. Donovan allowed us to watch the television. I don’t think we saw the first one actually crash. I think we did, however, see the second one crash.

Some of the girls cried. I felt a bit in shock, but it wasn’t something that I could cry about. I knew for a fact that people were dying in those buildings and the planes. I knew that the numbers were going to be disgusting. I didn’t know the cause – I just knew the effect.

The guys were angry. Patriotism set in and several young men and women prepared their psyche for the military upon graduation – or thereafter. Some joined the military for the education and career opportunity. Others joined for the challenge and for the fight. Some joined the military because they thought they didn’t have anything else going for them. Despite the longevity of the ‘war’, our troops are coming home 9 years later.

A half-wit pastor in Florida threatened to burn a Quran on 9/11 but called it off after his form of protest against the soon-to-be mosque near Ground Zero was advised against by such prominent figures as the POTUS and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State.

Peace and tolerance is the goal, but it’s a realistic? Psychology and science has proven time and time again that human instinct is to develop prejudgments for survival. Are we still close enough to our primitive roots that this is true? Are we also advanced enough from these primitive roots to adapt those prejudgments to be subject to rational thought and peaceful sense? Let’s hope so.

9 years later, I send my condolenscences to the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, and lovers of those who died in a freak occurrence that ended thousands of lives and changed millions more.

We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. – Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. – Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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Kirby For Sale!

I have a Kirby vacuum with all the original attachments. It’s a good, solid vacuum that picks up well. It does not need any repairs. There’s a light on the front of it for dim areas. I have the original box as well.

I’m asking $50 for the whole set (OBO).

Send me an email at if you’re interested (and in the Licking or Knox area) and I’ll get back with you.


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Isa boo, isa boo ba doo

I got these dog treats called Isaboo Booscottis… by Rachael Ray… and the reason it’s hysterical that they’re called Isaboo is because when Hojo and I first started dating he had brought up Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Ace had said “isaboo… isa boo ba doo”, or whatever it was to a vicious guard on one of this missions to save this or that. Howard was the first to imitate it and then I caught the Isa-fever. So here’s the link. I think you’ll get the idea. The big bummer is the clip really sucks. So… enjoy!

Anyway, I started sayin’ that all the time as a question, “isa boo?” And would always shoot me down, “NO!” We kept this up persistently for a good year and a half. I fell into a good, deep depression because of a pending blog post (you’ll see) and I kinda refrained from doing and saying most of my goofy little things that Howard found amusing.

“I’m SORRY!”

Anyway, voila! Another goofy-ism of us.

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Tell It Like It Is… Cinema Style: Part 1

There’s several movies out there that immediately give a scarily accurate representation of what it is like out there. While some are blissfully blind to the facts and/or exaggerations, there are those who recognize, “this sh*t’s real”. There’s pregnant teenagers, juniors with joints, and human beings with developmental differences that are just as capable of feeling love and giving love as anyone else on the planet.

My first example is Juno (2007).

I watched it a few weeks ago for the first time and I was highly amused. I had always heard about it, good and bad reviews. The good reviews were from those who had been there, done that and/or had the capacity to acknowledge that these teens are not untouchable. The bad reviews came from those who couldn’t possible fathom that teenagers would get themselves into that kind of predicament, and/or thought that advertising teenage pregnancy in a full-length movie is horrible for society.

The main character, “Juno MacGuff” played by Ellen Page, is 16 year old who finds herself bored. She has an easily maliable friend, “Paulie Bleeker” played by Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development), who adores her and who she is quite fond of as well. Of course, within an expected amount of time, she finds herself… expecting. She tells her parents, dad is “Mac MacGuff” played  by J.K. Simmons and step-mom is “Brenda ‘Bren’ MacGuff” played by Allison Janney who was also Penny’s mom on the latest rendition of “Hairspray”. Mom and dad take it better than she’d thought. Juno’s thrilled and tells them that she’s already found adoptive parents for the baby. Going to the abortion clinic backfires after a classmate tells her that her baby already has fingernails (it’s not the elaborate advertisements that made her think twice, it was her friend with a simple factoid). Jason Bateman plays “Mark Loring” and Jennifer Garner (Denison University alumna) plays “Vanessa Loring”, the adoptive parents. *spoiler* The best part is toward then end when Juno’s bubble is about to burst and she hollers “THUNDERCATS ARE GO!”

What I like about the film [Juno] is that it tackles an issue that we often treat as this really heavy, dark event and we look at it with a different perspective. She’s extremely independent. She finds adoptive parents before she even tells her parents. I just think it’s nice to not dwell in darkness. ~ Ellen Page on “Juno”

Oh, yeah right. Right? The weird truth is that females can reach the age of physical sexual maturity at a very wide age range. Much of it has to do with the amount of body fat. There was a little girl, Peruvian 5 years old, who became pregnant. No lie, look it up on Snopes. Some girls don’t even get “the gift” until the late teens for various reasons. This happens occasionally with girls who have been athletes ever since they could crawl or those who have very little body fat.

This brings me back to my blog about Sex Ed, too soon? If a 5 year old is physically equipped (not saying all 5 year olds are) to bear a child, is it a bad idea to start educating children about even the simplest of terms?

Children after all, are frequently victims of sexually related crimes and frankly, I think that children should know the proper names so that there’s no time wasted in trying to decipher kid-code. ~ Me

The high school that I graduated from had one classroom decided to the education of teenage parents. The program was called GRADS. I don’t know how many students on campus were parents. Sex Ed started in my district in 5th grade. I think there was another presentation in 8th grade and one more in 9th grade (health class). If you ask me, there were too many students asking “why am I here?” It wasn’t that particular students were targeted to attend, but many of them should have been taking the information to heart. But life happens. So, what do you do when life happens?