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Seriously! It’s not funny!

Hojo and I got some uber-tasty mexican food yesterday at Fiesta Mexicana. I got “burritos mexicanos”… it was totally to die for. Which is preCISELY what I’ve been doing for the past 2 hours or so. The sour cream, the abundance of it… was such a baaaaad idea. Now, if I had had self-control, I could have scraped off a giant portion from the burritos. Or, I could have actually request much less sour cream than usual.

The stupid part is that I’d suffered this once before, but not this bad. About a month or so ago, Hojo’s parents celebrated their anniversary. We went with them to the restaurant and I order “La Mejor” or whatever it was. Oh, it was so delicious! Worth every rumble, face squish, and cramp.

Lactose intolerance, or lactase deficiency is also known as having the condition of being a ‘lactard’ in my circle. Thank you Carole and Pep. What it means in a nutshell (or milk crate if you prefer) is that folks like us can’t digest lactose properly. Lactose is in dairy products. Our bodies may or may not produce enough lactase which will break down lactose. Some of us can tolerate a little, but if we have too much, you better clear the way to the bathroom. Other results are developing phlegm. Makes ya feel like you’re a never-ending faucet of goo.

Gross, I know.

So, if you don’t want us to tell you stories about what the latest dairy product has done to us, then don’t tempt us. LOL. We have enough trouble refusing our favorite foods as it is.

Thank you Lactose Intolerance

Pity us.


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