Isa boo, isa boo ba doo

Posted on September 4, 2010


I got these dog treats called Isaboo Booscottis… by Rachael Ray… and the reason it’s hysterical that they’re called Isaboo is because when Hojo and I first started dating he had brought up Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Ace had said “isaboo… isa boo ba doo”, or whatever it was to a vicious guard on one of this missions to save this or that. Howard was the first to imitate it and then I caught the Isa-fever. So here’s the link. I think you’ll get the idea. The big bummer is the clip really sucks. So… enjoy!

Anyway, I started sayin’ that all the time as a question, “isa boo?” And would always shoot me down, “NO!” We kept this up persistently for a good year and a half. I fell into a good, deep depression because of a pending blog post (you’ll see) and I kinda refrained from doing and saying most of my goofy little things that Howard found amusing.

“I’m SORRY!”

Anyway, voila! Another goofy-ism of us.