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I wanna know YOU today…

I loved all the old songs from my youth group days. I miss the environment, the kids, the adults that acted like kids (in a good way), the music, the Spirit.

“I got a Savior and he’s living in me… whoa-oh
I wanna know, I wanna know you today
You are the best thing that has happened to me
And the world will never take, the world will never take you away.”
~ Hillsong United

Those songs were my meditation. I could trance out and just feel completely WHOLE.

Things change. I haven’t been back to a real church service on a regular basis for probably 3 years. I haven’t been back to my home church for probably a year. The last service I went to was the first service they had for their experimental 6-month session. It was a good service, but it brought back a flood of some things that I wasn’t too thrilled with.

The biggest thing that struck the wrong cord and it nagged the crap outta me was the phrase “no complaining, no complaining about how loud the music is.”

My mother has very unusual hearing issues. Perhaps not all that unusual, but subjectively, it seems out of sorts. She has complained for years about the volume levels at all the churches we have ever attended. Granted, they have been extraordinarily loud at some places and they flagrantly disregarded all complaints. However, I do have to put it out there: if you’re not within a decibel range that is acceptable for a concert in a hall that IS NOT the Vet’s Memorial… I think it’s within your capability to listen to the complaints of those who TRULY want to be in the midst of what they love rather than shoo-ing them away or placating them with false reassurances.

The last service was loud. I was in the very back – granted that probably wasn’t the best spot. I used to sit up toward the front with all my friends. Heh, my friends. I rarely keep up with anyone who isn’t in the Houghton’s bible study that recurs every so often. And vice versa.

I truly appreciate the host family, their daughter and son-in-law too. They just had a cute li’l baby. I’ve seen pics and those estrogen-laden feelings of “awwwwww” creep out of my mouth. Heh, it’s not that sweet of a remark to make about a brand new baby that’s absolutely adorable… but it’s how my mind works.

Anyway, back to appreciating. The bible studies are what has kept me centered these days. It’s not so much the people or the environment, no matter how great they/it are/is. It’s that I know THEY know me, and I don’t feel suppressed by loud music, thousands of people, or myself.

Wow. How’s that for honesty?

Repeat chorus.


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