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First of all, I didn’t know *smh* meant “shake my head” until someone Twitter explained it to me. I thought it was something more derogatory, cuz that’s where my brain went. Back in the day before everyone knew what LOL meant, I had folks, left and right, thinking it meant “lots of love”. Or “lots of loving” for the IM stalkers. Ick.

Anyway, my point is, there are codes for everything these days. Unfortunately, it leaves many of us wondering, WTF? I’m not going to explain what that one means. You’ll have to google that one if you don’t know. However, I have in mind a less offensive word for the F. So there.

Codes, however, are no excuse for the clandestine typos made by various distributors of important information. That’s why they have editors, right? Or did the editors get the pink slip?

I have a few examples of my own *smh* moments from just today. The first one is from the caption of a photograph of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol (17). The caption reads:

“A view of Chocolate Hills of Bohol island in central Philippines. The entire island, a popular toursit desitnation, llost electrical power on Friday after a snake reportedly climbed onto a power transmission line, causing it to short out.” (AFP/File/Jay Directo)

This one is really bad in my opinion. Granted, it’s just Yahoo news… but, what’s the original source? I’m too lazy to find out.

The next one is of Christchurch, New Zealand (18) aprés the earthquake. The caption reads:

“A building shows earthquake damage on the outskirts of Christchurch on September 7. A notorious New Zealand student event, the “Undie 500″, has been cancelled following the Christchurch earthquake with organisers instead set to join clean-up efforts, reports said Friday.” (AFP/File/Greg Wood)

Undie 500?!?!?!

The next is about Zebra Crossings in Moscow (34).

“People participate in an event staged by traffic police to raise road safety awareness amongst school children in Moscow. The event, featuring horses painted with zebra markings was staged to encourage children to use zebra crossings.” (AFP/Alexey Sazonov)

Technically, “amongst” is outdated. The most simplified “among” is proper according to Merriam Webster and the AP Stylebook. Yes, I have the latest one.  Speaking of AP Stylebook, “e-mail,” and not “email” is proper. My cousin and I had a couple emails about that one. Whoops! E-mails. I explained to her that it’s technically with the hyphen, but most folks use it without for convenience. Everyone knows it either way.

The very last typo rant I have for now is about the false tsunami alarm in Bangkok. The very last quote says:

“I want to apologies to the people. I understand they were angry because the alarm sent everyone running but no one should be replaced, it’s not that serious,” he said.

Now, if the person actually said “apologies”,  that’s one thing, but if he didn’t and the reporter typed “apologies” instead of “apologize”… there’s a problemo.

What drives you up a tree when you see it?




Oh, I was just waiting for a good (term used loosely) one from a rather reputable source. let this one slip through too. This article was linked to from the

This one is about workers at a church’s workers slipping melatonin to kids. Man, and the worst part is she cares for her son who has autism. Granted, from what I have observed, some children with autism require a sleep aid of some sort. There’s something with the chemicals in their bodies that has not-so-great timing. It appears the offender was not informed enough about the possible side-effects of melatonin and the appropriate age range.


2 thoughts on “*SMH*

  1. I did wonder what SMH meant. Someone recently used it.
    Thanks for letting those of us who didn’t know know. lol (lots of love). hahahaha!

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