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Not referring to anyone I know personally, thus, no one on my friends list on either Facebook or anywhere else. I read a reply to something that made the person in the defense of something that potentially does more harm than good sound like someone who clearly DOES need it. Not the person to whom the advice was given however. And, if one is going to get “all high school up in here”, clearly, the internet is not meant for that person and their meds need to be adjusted. (Don’tcha love the vague references? However, a previous post I wrote may or may not have a hint of similar passion as this one does.)

Sure, advice for something that could be curative either immediately or with some work is a good thing. However, when something that is curative but destroys the possibility of investigating less invasive methods that may be just as, or more, effective is suggested as a cure-all… that, boys and girls is when my feathers get ruffled.

Despite that I’m a little lazy/too broke to take an extra step in my own quest, I’m not being told that destroying a part of my body is going to cure what ails me. However, I had my tonsils out in 2007. They were “the largest” the surgical center in Columbus had ever seen. They asked me how the world “are you even breathing”? I eventually did not have a choice. After not being able to kick strep throat after 9 months, the tonsils had to go. I haven’t been sick since then. Previous to that “worst sore throat” I’ve ever had in my life, my mother and I fought my bi-annual strep throat with everything we could get down my throat without me gagging. I do not have to take anything natural or otherwise to supplement the function of my tonsils (RIP, I asked for my tonsils, but they wouldn’t give ’em to me).

I believe that natural and homeopathic supplements and the like should be sought just as diligently as any other treatment for many of the deficiencies that have left the people of the world stricken with things we do or do not fully understand. To each his or her own.

For all who have been following my posts, I have one word for you:


P.S. Spell check is telling me I’ve been writing in a passive voice…. mmhmm. What it didn’t tell me was I was being vague. 😉 See? Spell check doesn’t know everything.