Yang King

Posted on November 4, 2010


So Grey’s Anatomy is going to air the latest episode, as is Private Practice. I’m a little bit of a junkie!

The last episode of PP showed Charlotte King getting attacked. Previews make it obvious the kind of attack that she endured. I get to wondering why they have been showing so much in the previews, but I suppose it’s no more than usual. Will this strong-willed woman be permanently broken because of a maniacal, power-crazed .

Cristina Yang, on Grey’s, has survived a shooting by a man out for revenge at Seattle Grace. Since then, she’s been a PTSD wreck. Something has got to snap Yang out of her funk, but what? Maybe a Burke-esque surgery? Tweeters predicted the lung donor guy would be her fix-it breakthrough, but that flat-lined.

Charlotte has now suffered this traumatic event which we’ll see the end result of, and hopefully the prosecution of. Will Yang snap out of it and will Charlotte snap?

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