Lacking Sense

Posted on November 6, 2010


Some adults amaze me.

Compared to many adults, I feel like a child still. I pretty much am. I’m often told I still look like I’m right outta high school (that’s gonna come in handy when I’m 50). My up-bringing wasn’t exactly conducive to learning decisiveness either, however, I have been drug-free all my 27 years. I’m just saying my compass had been manufactured by folks who were meant to make bubble guns (weeeee!), but they never handed me the fixin’s for a blunt.

Back to the amazement. What gets me is that some people possess no sense at all. For example, one person on Facebook, not one of my friends, has been implying and/or stating that in order to get closer to God, an illegal substance is a suitable medium.


If one must get high to get closer to God, there is something, uh… wrong.

Now, if you come from a culture that uses various means, passed down from several generations to get to God that don’t exactly sound legal, but essentially, they’re not fatal per se, whatever is whatever. Every culture, tribe, nation, group of people is different. It’s kind of like food. There are foods that are cooked in strange ways, smell funky as all get out, but to a group of people, it’s a staple to their diet. Just because I think your food is weird doesn’t mean I’m going to bag on your style – unless it smells like you’re cooking meth underneath my apartment. DON’T rent from Crystal Lake.

However, this person who has been a pot advocate on Facebook has pushed a little too far with someone I know. I’m not sayin’ I’m a snitch, but… man, this one has pushed it. Have you ever wanted to steam open an envelope just to see if you can? I’m about to steam open that envelope.