Dinner v. Supper

Posted on November 8, 2010


Supper always has sounded like such a weird word to me. I suppose dinner is too, but I really never have welcomed “supper”, although I ‘sup’ often enough.

Food Coma.... goooooood

Supper (according to M-W.com):
1. the evening meal especially when dinner is taken at midday
2. a light meal served late in the evening

Dinner (according to the same site):
1. the principal meal of the day
2. formal feast or banquet

So really, looking at those two, what we had tonight was dinner, not supper.

Hojo cooked catfish, suckatash, and baked potatoes for dinner. We ate at about 7:45, give or take. That’s pretty a substantial feast compared to a “light meal”.

So next time you’re going to call it dinner instead of supper, or vice versa, think about me and my quirky mind.

Or not.