Posted on November 8, 2010


I’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars for a while now, especially the season with daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol (@Tripssma).

I have to say, she has been doing much better. She loses her “expression,” as Bruno said, while she’s in the middle of a sequence of fairly complicated steps. But meh, that’s not what I’m rambling about primarily.

What I’m floored about is the fact that DWTS has been having Mark and Bristol dance to rather scandalous songs (Buttons by PCDs), especially given her role in activism for abstinence. Granted, many of the songs are those that I greatly enjoy in the clubs, in the car, by myself, etc. A couple weeks ago, Bristol said she was uncomfortable dancing to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” because it has ‘racy’ lyrics. She was, however, dancin’ in spanks, but spanks aren’t underwear. LOL. Truly, that song does not have racy lyrics: Sorry, can’t avoid the pop-ups on those darn sites. In comparison, “Buttons” makes “Umbrella” sound like a Shirley Temple theme song.

There’s a difference between being a prude and stiflingly cautious and knowing your sexuality (awareness of your body and the power it holds) and possessing control of it. I respect women who have full confidence in their body, mind, spirit and aren’t afraid to wear what is flattering (meaning coverin’ up by wearing shapely, colorful, sensible attire), and has a sense of self respect despite the public and media influences.

Bristol seems so timid. It’s all over DWTS. She’s an activist for abstinence. However, it seems as though, because her mom is in the spotlight – and was in the limelight during the election season, she seemed to have been pushed into activism. Not that I’m pickin’ on the girl – her hand of cards are hers to play. I’m just commenting.

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