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Foot In My Mouth

Okay, time for a confession:

I’ve said or written stuff that isn’t necessarily offensive in any light, but may accidentally out various people in ways that they didn’t think they would be or didn’t want to be.


I noted in an email to a group that a passcode for something had been previously incorrect, so please make sure to not leave out a number when trying to gain access. I got an email back from the person who had originally had sent around the incorrect passcode that basically said, “thanks for outing me”.

I worked with some people on something in a past life that was great, but ended an era (vague enough for you?). At a gathering, I tried to make known that some people involved felt railroaded, just as vaguely. The people at the gathering erupted in praises of “oh, but we love you!” I didn’t get to get back on track with that and the gathering continued. That backfired because someone at the gathering reported back to someone else involved who wasn’t there. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Some folks I know are striving for something pretty big. I emailed some of those involved with some details about what they/we would need to get that something pretty big. There were a few ways to utilize the something big and I mentioned that someone involved had mentioned a method that according to the guidelines, wouldn’t directly be possible. I had thought of it too, and I didn’t think it wasn’t a possibility yet so that’s why I mentioned it, but KABOOM! Another one.


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