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Say One For The Locals

WEAR PURPLE tomorrow in support of the search for Stephanie, Kody and Tina and in support of Sarah!

Recently, a 30-year-old punk (I can’t call him a man) kidnapped 4 people. More like abducted. One of those people was found 3 days ago at 8am at the punk’s house in the basement, bound and gagged. The person found was Sarah Maynard, 13 years old, injured, and scared. She’s at a hospital undergoing recovery – without her mother, brother, and family friend who are still missing.

The punk was near the vehicle left at Kenyon College soon after the abduction, but police had no reason to detain him at the time. They weren’t aware of his immediate connection to the missing people.

All this is happening in Apple Valley, Gambier, and Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Much too close for comfort. Civilians have been out searching for the other three that are still missing. I’m sure the detectives in the area may be able to tell those who wish to inquire how to organize a search party or join one with others who are already out there. (740)393-6800.

If you have any tips, please call that number and let them know as soon as possible. If you happen to run across evidence, or, as the article said, “God forbid”, a body, don’t touch it, step away, and call the aforementioned number or 911. Keep note of where you are, make a mark or something. Just don’t touch or move anything. The suspect/guilty party is in jail now, we don’t need any accidental fingerprints on something that could be hard evidence.

For photos of the missing persons:


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