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I Hate Shopping

Hate is a strong word, but it’s definitely fitting. Last night, I experienced yet another frustrating visit to the grocery store. Granted, I wasn’t there to purchase anything but a few things for Hojo’s and my computer situation (busticated wireless router… lights were on, nobody was home).

I went to RadioShack first to see if there might be something worthwhile there. The boy that helped me when I first walked into the store was very nice and I was tempted to go back there after going to the other two. I wanted to do some price checking first.

I went to Staples next where I noticed that the parking lot lights were not lit yet. It had already been fairly dark for about a half hour when I walked in. I walked out about 15 minutes later, and then they were on. That’s approximately 45 minutes of darkness. We’d had a terrible scare and tragedy up here in Mount Vernon. Matthew Hoffman – *shudder* – kidnapped a 13 year old girl and murdered that girl’s mother, little brother (11), and family friend. To top it off, the family dog was killed too. You tell me how it is possibly permissible for a corporate company to ignore a public feature that is meant to help people in their parking lots. They need to get it right!

Anywho, I purchased some ink for the printer – we were completely *dry heave* out. I was wandering the isles looking for wireless routers there, but much to my dismay, no one bothered to swing by and ask if I needed any assistance. There had to have been only 4 employees working.

I left Staples and went to the last place I could imagine would have routers in my podunk town, Walmart. Ick. I was already feeling pretty haggard as I had just gotten off work. I grabbed something quick to eat and changed into jeans before I left – the snack could only sustain me for so long. The store lights seemed to have cast a spell on me. The whole visit was a blur.

In Walmart, I wandered the electronics aisles and finally found what I was looking for. They had Netgear (bad luck in the past with those), Cisco Linksys (good recommendations), and Belkin (neutral ground with Facebook reviews). I hemmed and hawed over the details and prices. I figured out that N is better than G, and the higher the number (150, 300, 600) the better. I found myself wishing I had a bluetooth/wireless printer.

I grabbed a Cisco Valet (good price – or so I thought) and a few other things (computer screen wipes, hair conditioner – oops, I mean shampoo *face palm*) and went to the checkout counters. I only had cash but I attempted self-checkout. I scanned the router and $89.99 (‘;’)! Whaaaa? I had thought it would be a little more than half that price according to the price tag it was in front of! *sigh* The attendant took the router and I trudged back to the electronics department. I opted for a Belkin without wireless bells and whistles.

Somehow… this seems to have left me restless – should I have gone to Best Buy? Waited for the insane stampede of people who patiently/impatiently sit out for hours to save their spot?

Neh. I’z wireless timez 2!


2 thoughts on “I Hate Shopping

  1. Whoops I goofed. You can still have the router. It still works, it just wasn’t strong enough to go from mom’s house to back here in the old days. And it was the computer that was the trouble not he router. Save some money. My Netgear N was $82. w/ rebate which of course I forgot about because I lost the reciept. stupid depression.

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