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10 Things I’m Thankful For

My brothers, my dad, and me

There’s a lot of things I’m thankful for and I don’t express those things often enough. Here’s a little list for this Thanksgiving. Hopefully, it’ll inspire your own list.

1. God… (Sunday School answer) for putting up with my lame *** (public school ending – I crack myself up :-D). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to the realization that I can always count on God. My uncle, David, had once said (something like), if you don’t hold expectations for folks, when they come through, it’s a pleasant surprise. If they don’t, you’re not disappointed. I don’t have expectations regarding God but that’s

Grandma and me

because I know that God is consistent and reliable. Oh, speaking of God, I’m thankful for my HOMEGROUP!

2. Family… despite ups and frequent downs, I love every one of ’em. Since graduating high school, getting out on my own, and earning my degree, I’ve learned a lot about my family’s dynamics. But really, I know my family has my back and I hope they know I have theirs. My wallet may have moths, but my heart is fresh as a daisy and full of love!

Mimi and me

3. Grandmothers … I’m thankful for my grandmothers because I definitely inherited their genes. I look more like my grandmothers than anyone else in my family. My paternal grandfather passed in 1986 before I got to know him. I hear fantastic stories from my grandmother often. My maternal grandfather passed on November 28th, 2001. I knew him well and learned so much about him. I eventually realized that he was my biggest cheerleader – well, most slender and tallest! Dude was a string bean!

4. Hojo … The past (almost) 3 years have been wonderful. I’ve never been more comfortable with another person and frequently pleasantly surprised. Our anniversary is coming soon! It’s the day after Christmas. 🙂

Honey, Shadow & Bit

4. PUPPIES! … I couldn’t ask for better fuzzy friends! My aunt Shoo has personality-packed Oliver. My mom has protective and hilarious Mattie Jean Bean Sassy Sunshine (her full name). Mimi has the loveable and curious Honey and Shadow. Hojo has the sweet and not so mean-looking Churchill. And of


course, I have the infamous and comical Bit. We love our pups like they were children that will never get any bigger!

5. My J-O-B … Oooo, a year and a half of searching and then WHAM-o! I gotta tell you, I was relieved! I’ve been there for nearly 9 months and I’ve learned a lot about my own spinal and nutritional health. (

6. Crochet hooks … Sure, there’s yarn, but without those peculiar hooks, ya couldn’t make wristers. I just started the other one.

7. OSU Newark … I graduated from OSU. I spent majority of my time at the Newark Campus. I had wonderful professors, both in my major and my other classes that had nothing to do with it. I’ve always felt like it was home there. I miss it when I’m not tutoring.

Crack is bad, mmmk...

8. Belts … I’m thankful for them, but obviously, many boys who buy jeans that are a few sizes too big do not appreciate them. They need to wise up. Oh, and mamas with obvious thong-age and daughters that are dressed quite nicely need to learn a li’l somethin’ about belts too.

9. My Car, Ol’ Reliable … I’ve had my car since 2002. It’s had its issues, but it has held up against the odds. Right now, it could use a few replacements/repairs, but I would hate to ever have to give that thing up. I find that I am much more thankful for my car when I get stuck with a borrowed vehicle. The shop I’ve taken it to lately has allowed me to use one of their loaners – a minivan, a.k.a. The Party Wagon. Thanksk Hojo for that one.

10. Technology … I know. It’s horrible that I had to mention that. I am a geek though. It runs on my dad’s side of the family. I am thankful for my Blackberry, my laptop, and my iPod. Without my Blackberry, I would go crazy when stuff goes wrong with my laptop. When my laptop is funky, I can notify people via my Blackberry. When all else fails, I can turn to my iPod and air-jam my blues away!

So what are you thankful for? Tell everyone at the table why you’re thankful for them. I just might take my own suggestion….. 🙂

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