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Wi-Fi… OMG

I’ve had my Blackberry Curve since September, I think. I was aware of the wi-fi feature, but I had no idea how useful it is!

My boss and his wife just got Droids to help boost the development of the internet presenceĀ  (website, Twitter, etc.). He asked me if I had wi-fi on my phone. Feeling a great deal of Droid-envy since many of my friends have switched to the dark side, I responded with a “probably not”. Hah! Thankfully, I was wrong. I checked under “Manage Connections” and clicked for a check in the “Wi-Fi” box. Then, I clicked for “Set Up Wi-Fi Network” and followed the directions. šŸ™‚ The easiest way is to let the phone can for a connection. If you have a password, or the connection requires one, you’ll need to enter it. Otherwise, I assume you should be able to pick up on any unsecured connection with the Wi-Fi on your phone enabled.

It’s like having a caffeine buzz!!!

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Keep You In Stitches…

I’m really glad I got my other WordPress up and going. Whew! I was up too late last night doing that. I think it’ll be pretty awesome in the near future. I have it set to a theme that’ll feature one of the photos and it’ll take up most of the screen. I can place other photos in as well, I think, but I’ll have to play with that a bit.

If you haven’t seen the new blog, check it out here:

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Dear Vacuum


And not in the suction-y way.

I started doing a little bit of housework. I like to have a li’l bitta tunes if I am doing something that isn’t noisy. My iPod has been acting peculiar lately. It hasn’t been holding a charge. *quietly sobs* I went out to my car to get the USB cord from my car (cuz that’s what I have to use in my car too if I need to charge it). Hojo was cleaning up the garage (looks soooo much better!). I mentioned the iPod predicament to him and he let the cat outta the bag that he was thinking of getting me another iPod… *blush* awww! “I’m not getting you an iPod,” he then said. I went in the house and plugged in my iPod to my laptop to see if that would do any good and set iTunes to play holiday music.

I threw in a load of doggy related laundry. Then, I got out the vacuum to give the carpets a good once over. All was well until I had to empty the canister. I took the canister apartment and rattled the filter. The filter fell off the top of the canister and into the trash (thank goodness it was a fresh bag). I cleaned off the filter and I dropped it on the floor creating a dusty mess. I put the canister back together. There was a bundle of dirt and such on the floor which I tried to suck up.


This vacuum automatically shuts off when it’s clogged or too full. *sigh* I unscrewed the hose and dumped the contents on the linoleum. Out came a key ring with a bunch of other dirt and hair (Hojo and I both have hair past our shoulders). Ta-da!

I finished up vacuuming and went back to my laptop. The screen was black and I tapped the track pad. Nada. In fact, the laptop shut down! No warning at all! I panicked a little. Is everything I am touching today going to fail on me??!! I looked at the power strip and the plug was kind of out of the outlet. Okay… so I’m not loosing my mind. I pressed the power button on the laptop and it turned back on. Fully charged?! *sigh*

Now, last thing to deal with is the iPod.

Oh, correction. The car too. There’s 4 potential problems. The fuel injector, the EGR valve, the spark plugs, or the spark plug wires. So… anyone wanna bless me with a new Ford Hybrid?

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Water-Logged Feet

I’m timid. That’s all there is to it. These posts are spontaneous therapy.

Most everyone who will read this who knows me personally will bluntly disregard the previous pair of sentences, incomplete as they may be. To my friends I’m wacky with an odd to dry sense of humor; I like this label, don’t let anyone tell you differently. To my family, I’m either courageous and talented, or both of those plus stagnant and/or impatient, at the moment. All of which is pretty well true.

I started crocheting recently. I taught myself how to crochet from Youtube videos. It keeps my hands occupied because I have a lot of n-n-n-n-n-nervous energy in them. Hence why I am always typing or texting. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd (not in a negative, self-deprecating way) and I’d lose my marbles if I didn’t have my techy things. It’s productive and it gets Christmas presents made. Crocheting is a nice diversion – from everything.

Oh oh! A patient at the office purchased a pair of fingerless gloves from me today! I’m so completely thrilled! (If you want some let me know. I use a couple dollars to purchase a skein of yarn to make baby hats which I’ll donate.)

Productive as Christmas may be this year, I’m stuck. My feet are water-logged. All through elementary school, middle school, high school, and a solid 3 or 4 years of college, I stepped into projects, assignments, and the like feet first. Very few of them did I dive in head first. Do I regret occasionally swan-diving into a pool of productivity? Nope, not at all. In fact, I wish I had done it more often. I can trace my hesitation back to elementary school, but some call that making excuses.

I’m wading in the kiddie pool. The GRE is in the deep end and I’m blowing bubbles. Also in the deep end is a Master’s degree in something that could very likely take me where I… may… want to go. It sounds grand; however, I haven’t gotten off the block. Photography school was at 5 feet. I hurt my head pretty bad with that one. I was aiming at something else in the 10 foot level. But why do I have to dive in? Why can’t I go fishing?

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Like It Enough?

To like it? I thought this was pretty awesome. WordPress has a “like” button, similar to Facebook’s, that allows the author to see who it was that “liked” their post. There’s an automatic email that is sent to the author and it gives approximately where the “liker” is from and what their website/blog address is. The email encourages the author to check out the “liker’s” site. So, “like” my stuff if you… like. Then, I might go check out your website.

You can even use this tool yourself for your WordPress blog. There’s other tools as well. There are buttons to share on Facebook and to tweet the post that you want to share. There’s other stuff too that I don’t know all that much about but I set up anyway.

This will be especially helpful because I’m going to start posting pictures of my crochet projects on this site! Keep an eye out!