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Dear Vacuum


And not in the suction-y way.

I started doing a little bit of housework. I like to have a li’l bitta tunes if I am doing something that isn’t noisy. My iPod has been acting peculiar lately. It hasn’t been holding a charge. *quietly sobs* I went out to my car to get the USB cord from my car (cuz that’s what I have to use in my car too if I need to charge it). Hojo was cleaning up the garage (looks soooo much better!). I mentioned the iPod predicament to him and he let the cat outta the bag that he was thinking of getting me another iPod… *blush* awww! “I’m not getting you an iPod,” he then said. I went in the house and plugged in my iPod to my laptop to see if that would do any good and set iTunes to play holiday music.

I threw in a load of doggy related laundry. Then, I got out the vacuum to give the carpets a good once over. All was well until I had to empty the canister. I took the canister apartment and rattled the filter. The filter fell off the top of the canister and into the trash (thank goodness it was a fresh bag). I cleaned off the filter and I dropped it on the floor creating a dusty mess. I put the canister back together. There was a bundle of dirt and such on the floor which I tried to suck up.


This vacuum automatically shuts off when it’s clogged or too full. *sigh* I unscrewed the hose and dumped the contents on the linoleum. Out came a key ring with a bunch of other dirt and hair (Hojo and I both have hair past our shoulders). Ta-da!

I finished up vacuuming and went back to my laptop. The screen was black and I tapped the track pad. Nada. In fact, the laptop shut down! No warning at all! I panicked a little. Is everything I am touching today going to fail on me??!! I looked at the power strip and the plug was kind of out of the outlet. Okay… so I’m not loosing my mind. I pressed the power button on the laptop and it turned back on. Fully charged?! *sigh*

Now, last thing to deal with is the iPod.

Oh, correction. The car too. There’s 4 potential problems. The fuel injector, the EGR valve, the spark plugs, or the spark plug wires. So… anyone wanna bless me with a new Ford Hybrid?


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