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Wi-Fi… OMG

I’ve had my Blackberry Curve since September, I think. I was aware of the wi-fi feature, but I had no idea how useful it is!

My boss and his wife just got Droids to help boost the development of the internet presence  (website, Twitter, etc.). He asked me if I had wi-fi on my phone. Feeling a great deal of Droid-envy since many of my friends have switched to the dark side, I responded with a “probably not”. Hah! Thankfully, I was wrong. I checked under “Manage Connections” and clicked for a check in the “Wi-Fi” box. Then, I clicked for “Set Up Wi-Fi Network” and followed the directions. 🙂 The easiest way is to let the phone can for a connection. If you have a password, or the connection requires one, you’ll need to enter it. Otherwise, I assume you should be able to pick up on any unsecured connection with the Wi-Fi on your phone enabled.

It’s like having a caffeine buzz!!!


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