Posted on January 15, 2011


I am done explaining myself and my actual level sanity and capability to my family. I could ramble for days and anything I would express about the past 27 years of interactions with my family but I wouldn’t know where to start or stop. It hardly makes sense to me. I’ve made silly decisions in the past. None of which have left me a self-perceived scarred victim – however, Dr. Yablonski’s (Newark, OH) review can be found here. My experience with her would make anyone terrified of going to a doctor. I am 27, no kids – by choice, earned my BA in Psychology, never done drugs. I’ve dated good guys, and I’ve dated idiots. I’m currently dating a good guy in case you’re wondering. The idiots were not in my life for long. I am capable of intelligent decision-making and protecting myself. I have far surpassed expectations and I will not stop here.

But I know that I haven’t wanted to grow up because I have been so wary of becoming what the immediate adults in my life have become. Heredity is a *****. But being dependent upon anyone but myself and God leaves me susceptible to stagnation and not becoming the person that I know that I can be.