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Earful for Verizon Wireless

I went to the Verizon Wireless Corporate store, 1558 Coshocton Avenue, in Mount Vernon, Ohio after work today. Questions about my phone and my access to various apps has been bouncing around in my head for about a week. I can’t login to my Facebook application, for example.

I was informed that various apps will not work if my Blackberry is not updated to the latest version of software and/or operating system. My Desktop Manager came back with no available updates.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the apps that are causing my blood pressure to rise. Okay? So am I on the latest software or what? Is this app failing because there’s going to be a ‘growth spurt’ and the company will roll out a new version soon? Jeez, I hope so.

I walk into the Verizon store at about 6:10pm and all the sales associates were busy, and I did not see the usual greeter. I wandered throughout the store, fiddled with some of the phones – turning a sickening shade of green when I played with the display iPad.

Duh! Check in. I proceeded to the middle of the floor room. I entered my name, my cell number, and the reason for my visit. I didn’t have anything else in the store to grub up, so I sat down on one of the ottomans.

There was already a woman sitting on the other ottoman. I fiddled with my phone and updated my Twitter. A Verizon ‘greeter’, horribly obvious with the touchpad/tablet, came from the back of the store. Not a peep.

An ‘older’ gentleman comes in and he’s immediately greeted. Okay, so maybe this red-headed kid thinks I’ve already been greeted. Another man comes in. And another. I started getting a little frustrated. I made friendly eye-contact with the kid hoping he’d come over and say something like “have you been helped yet?” My response would have been “no, not yet.”

Finally, another person comes in the door and I quickly stand up with an audible huff and storm out of the store with a few people watching.

So, in short, I was not greeted by anyone when I first walked in the door at Verizon. I finally checked in and even 10 minutes later, no one attempted to find out who belonged to the name entered. Had I been a secret shopper, this store would have easily, and painfully failed. The guy that was the ‘greeter’ seemed irreparably shy and was very quiet with each of the customers that came in – and didn’t even say a single word to me.

There’s two morals of this story:

  1. Four people walked in after I did and no one said anything to me. As a former Verizon Wireless Authorized Agent employee, don’t tick me off. I know the ins and outs more than you think I do. Word of mouth is a *****.
  2. Beauty is intimidating. If there’s a socially awkward fellow who is a ‘greeter’ and all other sales associates are too busy to help their socially awkward colleague, then ladies, just go on home. Or, go to a Verizon store where the guys are just as gorgeous as you are. You’ll get the attention you deserve. 😉

Fortunately, for all customers I’d ever served, I’m incredibly attentive. I gave equipment tutorials for crying out loud!


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