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New Job

So, I have a new job. I just had my last day of work at and a friend of mine from high school is taking over as secretary/receptionist. I’m very glad that she has the job and she’ll get to revamp some things with her health.

My new job is starting me off with a kickbutt wage, full benefits, and life insurance. WHAAAAT! I feel like a grown-up (almost)! I’ve been waiting for something full-time and permanent since February 2008 when Zales shut the Heath doors on us.

Unfortunately, I heard that one of the girls that I worked with there is not in a good way right now. To that woman:

You are better than your circumstances and whatever you’ve fallen into if what I heard is true. I saw you so many days at work and you were tough as nails. I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch with you – but I didn’t keep up with anyone else from there. I hope you can find  way to get things right, get your body healthy, and find gainful employment somewhere. We had our squabble in the beginning, but I really grew to like you a lot.

*** I am praying for you. Perhaps it’s not what you want to hear, maybe it is. I don’t take prayer lightly. I haven’t purposefully prayed in a long time. But out of all the people I have met, whatever I say to plead for healthful circumstances, they are directed at you.***


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